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Vape Crazy

December 15, 2015 |


Vape Crazy!  Yup, people in the mainstream of society have gone vape crazy and are buying up anything they can find to suit their needs.  Why? Well, simple, people are experimenting to see what fits them best.  Of course, the government puts out propaganda all over the media that vaping is bad for you and discourages anyone from giving it a whirl.  I must say, consumers are not that dumb they can see when big pharma or big brother does not want to see you invest in the simple things in life. The fact is, people of all ages are searching daily for the good deals to be had on the internet.  How does one go about finding the right vaporizer?  That is a good question!  Our suggestion is you visit an online vape store and or your local vaping store in order to have all  your questions answer properly. Read More

California’s Ready To Legalize Cannabis

September 13, 2015 |

California’s ready to legalize cannabis in a big way.  Start ups are popping up all over the place!  But, be warned there are some very questionable people who claim to be something that they’re not.  People are investing without using much due diligence and are finding they got ripped off by the best.  Our first suggestion, would be to ask around as most of us who are embedded in the industry already know who  is who and perhaps could make recommendations.  There are still a lot of companies working underground and may not be well known.  It is has been our experience that most do fine once they ask around.  California is not exempt from attracting no good swindlers and they will rip you off if you let your guard down.  Now that California is gearing up, lawmakers behind the scene are trying to get a grip on things.  Meaning, they’re are scrambling to set laws in place that will prohibit certain actions and or stop people from doing what they do best…and that is make money!

Remember, if the law passes it will be for recreational use, not necessarily for patients, therefore it will be a business in and all of its own.  What people do not understand is that it will not be all store fronts, it will be the marijuana accessories that will fetch the big bucks.  The store fronts will do fine, but many people will grow at their homes and will undoubtedly sell to their friends etc… which is really all that is going on in today’s world.  We’ve mentioned it before but if you’re going to sell marijuana accessories you will have to have a website, so then, you will need a domain name to make it happen.  We can tell you there are no premium domains left unless you pay premium dollars.  So, do not wait and be the last in line.  If you have a product ready to launch you’d better get it done because its coming and you will not want to be last in line.  California is ready and there are millions of people here with money and they surely will do business.

Please spread the word through your social media outlets and tell your friends to get ready to VOTE otherwise it will not happen.  This should take place in your inner-circle of friends and also during college debates.  We all know it will save our great State of California and will dig us out fairly quickly.  It will bring big business to our youth and start ups.  For those of you who do not know, the profit margin in marijuana accessories is in the billions!

Juanazon is Coming

August 18, 2015 | is coming, yes!  Alas, a e-commerce website offering cannabis related products delivered directly to your home or office within the United States.  We enjoy boasting American made products and will certainly enjoy offering those same products to Americans abroad.  Keeping the bulk of business right here in the United States.  Our vision includes but is not limited to cannabis related products for the most part but will entertain other associated products for distribution online.   Please understand nothing is done over night, however, our vision includes expediency in all areas of our launch.  We have secretly invited people within the cannabis industry to sign up with their email at in where those interested could get in on the ground floor for our up coming project.  Now that we have a list of over 20,000 sign ups we’re ready to go to the next level.

If you haven’t signed up it there is still plenty of time to get in while it is all free and easy to set up your product.  It will be limited to one business per person as many have several related businesses and in fairness we will try to include all businesses, however, of course they must be tasteful in nature.  If you’re selling e-books, books, vaporizers, how-to-grow material or otherwise then this will be a place for you.  In other words, it will be a place where everyone will know where to go for their cannabis related products on a wide scale versus having to go to many small outlets which may not be up to par.  Okay, let’s do business you can email us and or sign up at your convenience.  Hope to hear from the each of you as soon as possible.

June 4, 2015 |

Head is now at the forefront of websites in the cannabis industry!  Yes, who would have figured all these years later the name “Head Shop” would rise to the top of the industry?  As far as we can tell the name, “Head Shop” has been around since the 60’s and has spawned into an underground name in the 70’s and has been idle ever since, that is until today in the year 2015.  The name is now a domain name with an exciting, fresh, clean look which is very inviting to say the least. has been in touch with representatives from and we can tell you although their website is new it is still a very valuable intellectual property.  In effort to further market their products, has stepped up to give them a big shout out! is visited by nearly all the top dawgs within the cannabis industry and heavily invested in the cannabis community.  Our vision is in part to see people with stellar domain names rise to the top within the cannabis industry, a multi-billion dollar industry that is.  Now then, so there is no mistaken we’re all for the patient and not about profiting!  In-fact, we are a non-profit entity and merely are a streaming cannabis news site advocating the legal use of recreational marijuana.

Interesting enough, most consumers agree there must be accessories available in order to keep the consumer safe.  We must have website outlets like to offer cleaners, vaporizers, hookahs, grab bags and similar items so consumption is safe.  Websites like are popping up everywhere on the internet, who are trustworthy and safe for the consumer! takes a hard stance on websites who do not rise to the level of professionalism and will surely call them out. People in America demand excellence and we must give the people what they want!  Consumers are tired of going underground to make such purchases from shady websites.  In the year 2015, we have come far and with Colorado, Washington and now Alaska paving the way for the rest of us, there is no reason to let up now. It is imperative our efforts are continually brought forward to our legislators across American in order to gain viable leeway. In recent months the County of Riverside, California, has been faced with a grip of people who are trying diligently to persuade lawmakers into realizing cannabis is safe for the county.  If policies are changed within the County of Riverside, many people will benefit from collectives, deliveries and online websites such as Read More

California Ready for Marijuana Legalization

March 25, 2015 |

California ready for marijuana legalization is probably an understatement to most of the world as California is looked upon as being on the forefront with just about anything that comes into the main stream of commerce.  Will California become one of the next states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana?  Well, there are many people who oppose the idea but again there are many who are willing to give it a try.  What seems to be at issue is the political vehicle……who is behind its driving force.  Many politicians behind the scenes have been closely watching the States of Colorado and Washington and now Alaska.  Why?  It is not hard to understand, politicians are looking at the revenue stream and where the money is being allocated from the profitable sale of marijuana.

Remember, the profits are very high and what has transpired is the three states I mentioned which are doing so well, their individual coffers are flowing over and their debt has been tremendously reduced.  There has been no significant issues with the sales of recreational marijuana, thus far.  Meaning, there isn’t anything to report as nothing newsworthy has happened as of yet.  Moreover, nothing is expected to happen other than the people being happy they passed the law and the states enjoying what we’ve been saying all along.  On another note, businesses are thriving and more and more start ups are popping up all over the place.  There are literally no domain names left for websites in the cannabis industry, people are now making up words to make it work for their websites.  You can buy after market names which are premium, however, you will have to place some pretty hefty zeros in the check! Read More

NYPD Cops issuing $100 Tickets

November 16, 2014 |

NYPD cops are now issuing $100 tickets versus hauling people to jail over misdemeanor marijuana violations.[more…]  Although, it was a tough battle and took years to get this far at least the police are coming around and seeing marijuana is not that big of a deal and they can live with it if were to be regulated.  Meaning, the police do not want people to get into trouble they are merely enforcing the law as they know it.  We must change the laws in our land to make sure the police have an understanding of what we want.  In other words, we cannot say don’t arrest people for smoking marijuana or being in possession of it when the laws are on the books and the police have no choice but to enforce those laws.  It’s not the police who are at fault here, it is our government who has been resistant and using the patrol cop to do their dirty work all along.  Now that we have become more educated through technology we can hear and see the police more clearly…and there has been many top police officials who have repeatedly said, change the laws and change them now! Read More

Afroman Because I Got High Remix

October 21, 2014 |

“Because I got high” Remix, by Afroman, in collaboration with WeedMaps.TV and!  Afroman shouts out WeedMaps.TV and for their contribution and faith in the legalization of marijuana.  We were so excited to see such collaboration and knew right away Afroman would go viral over night.  This overnight sensation has touched the hearts of millions as the  video goes viral topping the charts with over 2, 800,000 views in a matter of days!  Read More

News Reporter Quits to Support Pot

September 22, 2014 | reports: Charlo Greene, made a shocking announcement during the station’s 10 p.m. newscast at the end of a story titled “Voting for easier access.” Charlo told viewers that she is owner of the cannabis club and acts as a liaison between cannabis card holders and patients. Read More