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Marijuana Start Ups

July 2, 2014 |

Marijuana start ups are trending big time all across America, specifically in the States of Colorado and Washington.  Marijuana is in high demand and collectives are having a hard time keeping up with such large demands.  The State of Colorado is already boasting a 25 Million dollar haul in taxes directly related from the sales of marijuana since its inception of their newly regulated recreational marijuana law.  Word has it people have moved to Colorado in order to start their own marijuana start up.  Some call it a gold rush!  Whatever, it is called there are certainly marijuana in those hills! Store fronts are popping up everywhere and yes the citizenry are becoming concerned their small towns will be known as blightsville if things don’t slow down a bit.  Of course, there will be successful start ups along with failures but it is in our American blood to at least try and that is what makes up our very own fabric as Americans.

People from all walks of life have begun the process of building their platform and business model in hopes to make it in the cannabis industry.  We bring you this news, so you to can dream of having your very own marijuana start up.  You do not have to be in the States of Colorado or Washington to make this dream come true.  Merely, think of a great domain name and you to can have your own website and as an example you can sell advertisement, products, accessories etc…  Our suggestion would be to look at other sites on the internet so you can you get a good idea of what is going on with other marijuana start ups.  Yes, there are plenty of marijuana start ups all over the internet and everyone is trying to get to the top as fast as they can.  Seeing the window of opportunity, investors are salivating over the fact they could have a wide margin in the market with the right service, products or accessories. A lot of people are still fearful the federal government will move in and arrest them if they open a collective so instead the average business person is looking for new innovative ways of peddling their business.

Most people work out of their homes and do not have store fronts to peddle their services, products and accessories.  As matter of fact, they use their cell phones to conduct business on a day to day basis. The really keeps the costs down and allows people to employ others to help them along.  What we have seen is people are making bracelets, rings, clothing items, offering marijuana websites, selling hemp property and so on.  Anyone with any kind of imagination can start their own marijuana start up with very little capital or even know how.  It is all a matter of thinking of an idea that will sell!  Some people have come up with an idea of selling marijuana recipes or t-shirts as an example.  If you have the right marijuana accessory it could go viral and just think everybody and their brother will want what you have.  There are so many famous companies who started at home in their garage, take Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream as one example, they started in the garages and now are billion dollar company. How about, “marijuana ice cream?”  Oh, did I mention we own the domain name  No, we do not make marijuana ice cream and not so sure what we use the name for but who knows like they say the sky is the limit.

Our thoughts are you too can start a marijuana start up very easily.  In fact, you could most likely have your own marijuana website up and running in 24 hours if you really wanted to.  But do not get to excited here, what must occur first is you have a special niche or idea that is different than all the rest.  Remember, just because you like the idea doesn’t mean someone else will, so give it some thought and remember the Coke vs. Pepsi rule.  We are all in competition one way or another and it is all apart of doing real business.  We are here to motivate those of you who would like to start a marijuana start up, so write down your idea and put it into action.  You never know, you might just come back and say thanks!  In order to succeed at business sometimes you need to fail at business.  This allows all of us to become stronger and go after what we want in life.  Most of this information you already know, our position is to remind those of you who have lost sight of what your passion is.  “We are the people, and for the people.”  Now then, take the time to get your marijuana start up going in the right direction.  If you need some advice email us and will do what we can to help you along the way!

Colorado Symphony Orchestra Weighs in on Marijuana

May 2, 2014 |

Denver- saying you can bring your weed, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra will be playing an arrangement of gathering pledges shows supported by the state’s expanding marijuana industry. “The Colorado Symphony is pleased to announce Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series, benefiting the Colorado Symphony “Traditionally Cannabis: The High Note Series is a BYOC-accommodating knowledge for music sweethearts, offering exhibitions by Colorado Symphony outfits.” In an articulation Tuesday, ensemble CEO Jerome Kern said the shows are a piece of an exertion to achieve a more extensive group of onlookers and raise cash for the orchestra. “This partnership is part of an overall effort to reach out to every segment of our community” Kern said in the proclamation sent to 7news. “These organizations have communicated ability to backing the Colorado Symphony’s mission. Our entryways are interested in any legitimate, genuine business that needs to help.” The state’s just full time proficient ensemble like a lot of people the nation over has battled with lessening crowds and plan issues. Three shows will be held at the Space Gallery a workmanship exhibition on Santa Fe Denver in May, July and August. A fourth show will be held at Red Rocks in September.

No cannabis will be sold at these occasions audience members are urged to bring their own particular marijuana. However there are still a few inquiries concerning the legitimateness of welcoming concertgoers to bring their own particular marijuana. Authorities with the city of Denver’s Arts and Venues Office said it’s illicit to smoke at Red rocks. “Nothing has changed,” agent Dan Rowland told 7news. They will have their show they are permitted to have backers connected with the show, yet they have committed an error adage its BYO-cannabis [a Red Rocks],” said the Denver Arts and Venues promoting executive Brian Kitts. That is wrong and not something they ought to be advertising.” After 7news reached the Denver Arts and Venue, the ensemble reissued a discharge saying in strong font, “Please not that the utilization of cannabis at Red Rocks is precluded by law.” accordingly Symphony agent Laura Bond said they will ” comply with all the laws ” and that just the space Gallery occasions might permit marijuana smoking. ” It’s a private event, on private property,” Bond told 7news. The manager of the space display advised 7news they want to offer tickets for 250 to 300 individuals. “This is a logical next step since the voters of Colorado have chosen to regulate marijuana like alcohol,” said occasion organizer Jane West. West said the marijuana will be smoked on an outside porch with a 8 foot protection wall. Kern said the occasions at the space display will emphasize a little ensemble troupe, in light of the fact that the exhibition does not have space for the whole orchestra. “The full symphony will be on stage at Red Rocks on the [September] 13th, sponsored by members of cannabis industry.” Kern said. Kern said the symphony will be playing traditional music at all of these occasions, no pops.

Kern said the Space Gallery shows might be interested in individuals 21 and more established and they will take after state law. “The regulations that relate to the industry are being adhered to.” said Kern. Colorado turned into the first state in the country to sanction marijuana for recreational use after state voters passed a vote measure, Amendment 64, in 2012. Under the law, individuals 21 and more seasoned can utilize the pill as a part of private, have up to 1 ounce of pot and grow up to six marijuana plants. Notwithstanding, under the state protected change, it is still illicit to devour marijuana out in the open.

Is Marijuana Awful for your Heart

May 2, 2014 |

Dr. Max Gomez reported a study discharged a week ago discovered marijuana is awful for your heart. Yet there’s another confirmation it may have the capacity to help treat some cerebrum infections.[more…] There’s confirmation that medicinal marijuana can ease ache, sickness and regurgitating created by a mixed bag of sicknesses and medication medicines. Subsequently, 21 states and the District of Columbia have some rendition of sanctioned medicinal marijuana with shifting limitations from state to state, Gomez reported. Notwithstanding, there’s some confirmation of its viability in patients with various sclerosis. Numerous patients with weakening mind maladies turn to marijuana after conventional medicines come up short, Gomez reported. Another review from the American Academy of Neurology shows that marijuana pills or shower can help a few MS side effects. “The ones that were helped the most were pain, spasticity, which is tightness of the muscles, difficulty walking, which is usually related to spasticity,” said Dr. Barbara Koppel, Professor of neurology at New York Medical College. Yet the discoveries propose marijuana is not successful in treating Parkinson’s malady or epilepsy seizures. Dr, Koppel said that doesn’t mean the medication doesn’t work. Rather as of right now, there isn’t sufficient research in those regions including smoked marijuana.

“There were too few patients studied in the rigorous manner that we need in order to classify and say something conclusive.” Koppel said. Smoking marijuana is not without dangers including heart and lung harm and cam weaken taking in and memory observation and judgment. Yet with marijuana now legitimate in numerous spots specialists trust it will be simpler to direct more thorough studies to get a clearer picture of its dangers and profits. is not so sure these statements are really so true!  What we do know is more and more doctors are looking at marijuana and there affects on the human race.  Of course, studies take time and take money to do viable research and with that being said will try and keep up with such research as we come across any new information.  As Americans we realize one thing for sure and that is marijuana is not for everybody but it hasn’t hurt anyone either.  Meaning, perhaps someone with chronic lung illness is someone who should not smoke it but perhaps edibles are a better fit.  Who really knows?  Over all, you could eat butter and it can be awful for your heart.  You could eat bacon and doctors will or could tell you it is awful for your heart.  I could keep on going here but you get the drift…

Obama’s Organization’s Rules to Banks

May 2, 2014 |

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Tuesday defended the Obama organization’s rules to banks directing transactions with legitimate marijuana merchants as congressional Republicans addressed whether the direction adds up to implied elected support of a drug unlawful in most states. The equity and Treasury divisions issued a guide in February that might permit the new business to profit and pay imposes a move that empowers the authorized marijuana industry to work in Colorado and Washington State. In2012, the two states turned into the first to support recreational utilization of marijuana.Rep. Hal Rogers, R-KY, executive of the House Appropriations Committee, tested Lew at a hearing, addressing whether direction to depend on working with lawful marijuana merchants speaks to an “rubber-stamp” by the national government for a dominantly illicit movement. “Without any guidance,there would be a proliferation of cash-only businesses, and that would make it impossible to see when there are actions going on that violate both federal and state law and that … would be a real concern,”Lew told the House subcommittee on monetary administrations. “We thought that the clarity, bringing it into daylight, was a better solution.”

Conceivably, Lew said, Congress might compose a law to build a strategy. In its unlucky deficiency the organization issued the rules that banks must survey state permit requisitions for Marijuana clients,demand data about the business create an understanding of the sorts of items to be sold and screening exposure accessible hotspots for any negative data about the business, create an understanding of the sorts of items to be sold and minor openly accessible hotspots for any negative data about the business.The aim is to make banks feel better working with marijuana organizations that are authorized and directed while guaranteeing that money just marijuana organizations won’t be left defenseless against crooks. “What about cocaine dealers? Shouldn’t they be given the same break?” Rogers pressed Lew. “I’m not aware of any state that has legalized” cocaine, Lew replied. “But aren’t you aware that practically every state, marijuana still is considered illegal?” Rogers demanded.

Lew said the organization’s activities just apply to states where marijuana is legitimate. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla. Addressed Lew on whether the rules unequivocally state that marijuana is unlawful under elected law. Lew said the direction does not say that an illicit action is legitimate. He said various banks are not tolerating records from legitimate marijuana merchants and they comprehend they are in a region where they are at danger.

Pot Cookie Killer

April 21, 2014 | reports:—a late spousal murder case is the second passing in the not so distant future interfaced to palatable marijuana, starting inquiries and worry about what part, if any, the pill played. A month ago, a 19-year-old student fell to his death from balcony of a hotel consuming six servings of a pot cookie. “There’s just not enough information right now to say, absolutely, pot was to blame,” 9news therapist Max Wachtel said. On account of the murder, there are different components to think about additionally pot. Police say suspected shooter Richard Kirk was likewise on medication for back ache all things considered, so pot might not
have been the main thing in his blood.


Sources told 9news Kris Kirk was on the telephone with 911 for give or take 12 prior minutes her husband Richard purportedly shot her in the head while she was still hanging on the line. Court archives uncovered that Kirk could be heard out of sight of the call “discussing some marijuana ‘candy’ that he had got from a store.” “There’s certainly an extreme likelihood that [marijuana] contributed,” Wachtel said. “What we know about the case at this point is that he probably ingested an edible, had way too much pot in his system.” That can result in issues, says Wachtel, who focuses to a study that took a gander at the brain on THC, the psychoactive pill in pot. It found that some piece of the brain called the prefrontal cortex gets more dynamic when laid open to the drug. This zone is accepted to acquire sights and sounds from your general surroundings, so more movement could mean more sensations. Notwithstanding, THC likewise brought about an alternate some piece of the cerebrum called the striatum to back off.

Researchers imagine that cerebrum district helps you manage each one of those sensations coming in, so less action could mean a harder time comprehending the world. In great cases, it can result in a sort of psychosis like schizophrenia, says Wachtel. “Little things become huge,” Wachtel said. “So a touch on the skin or a little sound that you hear off in the corner becomes a monster or becomes somebody telling you to kill somebody else.” ER specialists say that is uncommon to see with pot. Normally individuals come in exceptionally calmed. In any case, marijuana supporters’ surrender it’s not difficult to try too hard with edibles. People think, “‘Oh, I smoke cannabis, I’m fine,'” said Genifer Murray who runs a marijuana testing organization called CannLabs. “Absolutely not, you should always start with 10 milligrams.” 10 milligrams is the state’s meaning of a measurement of eatable THC.

Karma Kandy, the eatable item police say murder suspect Richard Kirk purchased, is sold with more than 100 milligrams in as single bit of confection. There are comparable truths on account of the 19-year-old who jumped from the hotel. Police say he consumed one treat that was 6.5 measurements. A more diminutive chomp didn’t generate a high immediately, so he consumed the entire thing, as stated by proclamations in the police report from the individuals who were with him. It takes more time to get high consuming pot than smoking it and the impacts can keep going for a considerable length of time. “15 to 20 years from now I think we will look back and be shocked that edibles were legal,” Wachtel said. “I think they are not going to withstand public scrutiny. I think that bad stuff is going to continue to happen.” “I think that’s ridiculous,” countered Murray. “A lot of people don’t smoke, so you always want to give them another option.”

Murray recommends that individuals who use edibles, particularly shockingly, discover items that are now isolated into 10 milligrams servings of THC, so they don’t need to sever bits of a treat or brownie. All sides appear to concur more investigative investigation of marijuana’s belongings in distinctive structures could be suitable. There’s no principle against having a solitary bit of confection that holds the greatest 100 milligrams of THC for a consumable thing sold as recreational pot. Colorado has no restriction at all on THC content for therapeutic marijuana edibles. The THC substance recorded on edibles isn’t generally dependable, either. Obligatory THC strength testing won’t be needed until May under state tenets. Meanwhile, untested items are obliged to accompany an exposure to the purchaser saying they have not been tested. says, “Noway Jose!”  The consumption of a pot cookie with THC deposits is far from committing suicide.  However, we do believe it is a good defense since the state legalized cannabis for recreational use.  After all, what a great defense to blame it on the state for one’s own actions, especially volitional suicide.  Now then, if he consumed pills then of course he could blame it on them as well.  Over all, we know that all people are different and the effects can be different as well but we hope people remain responsible. We would suggest people do not over do it and help people who are new to eating edibles.

Obama Eager to Work with Congress

April 8, 2014 | reports — the Obama organization might be eager to work with congress if legislators need to

take cannabis off the rundown of what the national government acknowledges the most perilous pills,

Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday.

” We’d be more than glad to work with Congress if there is a desire to look at and reexamine how the

drug is scheduled, as I said there is a great degree of expertise that exists in Congress,” Holder said

throughout a house Appropriations Committee hearing. ” It is something that ultimately Congress

would have to change, and I think that our administration would be glad to work with Congress if such a

proposal were made.”


A few parts of Congress have approached the organization to minimization cannabis on its own without

sitting tight for congressional movement. Under the elected Controlled substances Act, the lawyer

general has the power to ” remove any drug or other substance from the schedules if he finds that the

drug or other substance does not meet the requirements for inclusion in any schedule.” Holder didn’t

show Friday that he might be ready to do that singularly.

Despite the fact that there haven’t been any archived cases of deaths from overdosing on ganja the

central government treats it as a timetable I medication with a “high potential for abuse,” alongside

heroin, LSD and Ecstasy.

Re-arranging cannabis might not authorize the pill under elected law yet it could make research into

weed’s medicinal profits much simpler and permit pot organizations to take charge conclusions.

A few republican officials at the listening to addressed Holder’s choice to permit Colorado and

Washington to legitimize and direct weed and to contemplate the state’s activities when prioritizing

elected marijuana Legalization arraignments. Be that as it may holder said that he was “not certain that you’re going

to see a gigantic contrasts” between the cases the equity Department was bringing previously, then

after the fact direction went out to U.S. lawyer on which cases to prioritize.

“We’re not blazing a new trail” Holder said of the choice to arraign just certain cases dependent upon

the division’s constrained assets nothing that much of hashish law implementation happens on the state

and nearby levels.

Any move to reschedule weed would most likely face safety from the pill Enforcement Administration,

which Holder regulates. DEA head Michele leonard said this week that the developing acknowledgement

of hashish just makes her executors “fight harder.”

California Voters Support Marijuana Bill

April 7, 2014 | reports – California voters unequivocally support legitimizing marijuana.[more…] The state Democratic
gathering received a stage a month ago urging California to take after Colorado and Washington in finish
marijuana preclusion. The state’s lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom has called for legitimizing the
drug. But not Gov. Jerry Brown, “I think we should sort of watch and perceive how things go in Colorado,” Mr.
Brown a Democrat said abruptly when posed the question as he was presenting his state Budget on this
current year. During a period of quickly developing demeanor toward marijuana legitimizing – a slight larger part
of Americans now help legitimizing the drug – Democratic governors the nation over, Mr. Brown with
them, end up uncomfortably conflicting with their base.

Indeed with democrats and more youthful voters heading the wave of the expert sanctioning movement
these governors are remaining back, supporting substantially more restricted medicinal marijuana
recommendations or summoning the sort of peace and open well being contentions all the more
ordinarily got notification from Republican. While 17 more states the majority of them inclining
Democratic have seen bills acquaints in this year to pursue Colorado and Washington in favoring
recreational Marijuana, no sitting a governor or part of the senate has offered a full out underwriting of
authorizing. Just Gov. Peter Shumlin a Democrat in Vermont which is battling with a heroin issue said he
was interested in the thought.

“ Quite frankly, I don’t think we are ready, or want to go down that road,” Dannel P. Malloy,
the Democratic legislative leader of Connecticut which has legitimized medicinal marijuana and
decriminalized ownership of little measures of marijuana, said in a meeting. “Perhaps the best way to
handle this is to watch those experiments that are underway. I don’t think it’s necessary, and I don’t
think it’s appropriate.” The reluctance communicated by these governors reflects legislating concerns as well as a few
investigators said a truly established political watchfulness of being depicted as delicate on unlawful
activity by Republicans. Specifically, Mr. Brown who is 75 survived the society wars of the 1960s, when

Democrats experienced being seen as tolerant on issues like this.
“Either they don’t care about it as passionately or they feel embarrassed or vulnerable. They fear
the judgment” said Ethan Nadelmann the author of the Drug Policy Alliance, an association that
supports decriminalization of maryjane. “The apprehension of being delicate on pills delicate on
maryjane, delicate on wrongdoing is woven into the DNA of American government officials particularly
Democrats.”  He depicted that supposition as, “Don’t let yourself be defeated by republicans concerning being intense
on wrongdoing and extreme on pills. You will lose.”

In Washington and Colorado, the Democratic governors had contradicted sanctioning from the
beginning however every made clear that he might take after voters’ wishes in setting up the first lawful
recreational California marijuana Legalization commercial centers in the country. “If it was up to me, being in the middle of it,
and having read all this research and having some concern, I’d tell people just to exercise caution,” Gov.
John W. Hickenlooper of Colorado said in a late interview.

In Colorado where recreational hashish went on a deal Jan. 1 income figures discharged in February
proposed that expenses on medication deals could get more than $ 100 million a year for the state, an
assume that made different states observe. Washington has yet to give it a chance to first marijuana stores open- that is required to happen
later this spring—yet Gov. Jay Inslee has made his position clear. ” As a grandfather, I have the same
concerns every grandfather has about misuse of any drug, including alcohol and marijuana,” he said in
a telephone interview, adding,” he said in a phone meeting, including, every one of us need to see our
children settle on keen choices and not permit any medication to get damaging in our life.

“I recognized the really rational decision that people made that criminalization efforts were not a
successful public policy,” Mr. Inslee continued. “But Frankly, I really don’t want to send a message to our
kids that this is a routine that is without risk.” Gov. Andrew Mr. Cuomo of New York has claimed he might be against outright approval of abuse in
debate against crumbling marijuana laws. “Legalizing marijuana won’t help us address our substance use
challenge,” she said in her state of the state address in this year. “Experience and data suggests it will do
just the opposite.” Indeed in California, the first state to authorizing therapeutic marijuana and where marijuana
supporters are moving to put an authorization activity on the tally in 2016, Mr. Brown has flashed a
yellow light.

“All of a sudden if there’s advertising and legitimacy how many people can get stoned and still have a
great state or a great nation?” Mr. Brown said in an interview on “Meet the Press” last month. “The
world’s pretty dangerous, very competitive. I think we need to stay alert, if not 24 hours a day, more
than some of the potheads might be able to put together.” The safety comes as general estimation on the issue is moving more quickly than anybody may have
expected. Broadly, 51 percent of mature people help legitimizing the medication, as stated by a
New York Times/CBS News survey led in February including 60 percent of Democrats 54 percent of
independents and 72 percent of youthful grown-ups. Indeed 44 percent of Tea Party parts said they
needed the drug legitimized. In California, 60 percent of likely voters said they help marijuana sanctioning in a survey led by the
general population approach Institute of California a year ago.

From various perspectives, the movement openly conclusion at the legitimization of marijuana tracks
the fast change in perspectives on same se marriage, again headed by adolescent mature people and
democrats. Anyway there is one key contrast: Many chose Democratic authorities now help same sex
marriage and investigators said Democrats could pay a political expense for contradicting it.
“Very different than gay marriage” Kevin A. Sabet, an enemy of legalization and a co-founder of Project
SAM, Smart Approaches of Marijuana, said in an email. “People have strong feelings on gay marriage.
It’s a civil/human rights/religious issue for both sides. Not so with pot.” There is no evident political upside to supporting legitimization, investigators said, and government officials generally speaking, have a tendency to be hazard unwilling. “You don’t hold these positions
without having a sense of your own place in history,” said previous Representative Patrick J. Kennedy
who joined Mr. Sabet in establishing Project SAM, which strives to decrease marijuana use by
underscoring wellbeing dangers. “They can honestly see that this is not a good move, that it’s going to
have huge consequences, not all of which can be foretold.”

That said there is modest proof in the majority states that an elected official would pay a price for
sustaining legalization, said Anna Greenberg, a Democratic pollster. “We have moved into a frame that’s
not ideological,” She said. “It’s about a system being broken, not working and that legalization involves
strict regulation that would allow the state to collect revenues. That makes a lot of sense to the kind of
voters that elected are most concerned about. If that’s the way it’s being discussed, it isn’t a liability for
a politician.” As of right now the prospects for other chose authorities bouncing on the sanctioning temporary fad is
liable to rely on upon what happens as the analyses in Washington and Colorado move ahead. Around
the inquiries are whether sanctioning will prompt more pill misuse by youngsters and what amount it
will swell state charge coffers. “I don’t tell other governors what to do,” Mr. Hickenlooper said, “but when they asked me, I said. ‘if I
was in your shoes, I would wait a couple of years and see whether there are unintended consequences,
from what is admittedly a well intentioned law.”

Californians Speak Out

March 31, 2014 | 1

Californians speak out for and against an up coming bill in order to approve recreational marijuana in the State of California.  Before I get started here, let me say this… I am a firm believer something is wrong here.[more…] I sensed it a few years ago when California voters narrowly missed the opportunity to have the law passed, but gave it a thumbs down.  Since I was born & raised here I know the behaviors of the government and the social outcry of the people.  So then, what is exactly missing?  Well, I am not sure I can identify what the problem is or the lack of.  I am mystified as to why Californians are not banning together to make this law a reality.  After all, we have major players in the industry who are salivating at the chance to open viable businesses in California.  There are plenty of wealthy investors who are standing in line to invest in profitable high margin businesses related to cannabis.

But again, what is stopping the good people of California?  It is almost like a curse  of some sort in where it is just not meant to be.  I do not  think it is the police, most California police agencies are understanding and realize the real problem is not with cannabis… it is by the cartels who are attempting to peddle  cannabis by importing it from the County of Mexico.  However, we have seen many cartels from many other countries do the same so it is not just the Country of Mexico.  As far as business goes, many people are buying  up cannabis domain names for their websites and are even dabbling in selling marijuana seeds hoping they will be profitable until the day they can start selling marijuana accessories. Now then, the way it looks to me is there is much doubt the citizenry of the State of California will gather the much needed 500,000 signatures needed to get it on the ballot and if that is the case we are looking at the 2016 at best.

One thing that stands out is the States of Washington and Colorado, it was said early on…. the State of California would be watching these two states very closely to see where or how they fared in the end.  We do not have an update as of yet but we do know the taxes collected thus far have been in the millions and so far neither the  state  or the federal government has not bleeped a peep!  Which I guess for the most part is a good sign for the cannabis community as a whole.  Would the State of California not benefit from such a tax?  Why would Governor Brown care anyway, after all he is about 77 years old and is on his way out to better pastures.  It would stand to reason the citizens could greatly benefit from a large tax influx for the betterment of the state.  If we can get the support of the community abroad we could see the potential of this bill passing and if we could do this, then all eyes would shift to California.  The opposition in California seems to be in the area of medical marijuana dispensaries.  The citizens are saying they are satisfied with the dispensaries and there is no need for the passage of another bill approving marijuana.  So, there seems to be some confusion about the actual law.  There are advocates who are saying the medical marijuana dispensaries are voting against the ballot because they do not want to lose business.  Our question to the dispensaries is why would you care, you are suppose to be a care provider and not be in the business to profit.

The citizens of the State of California need to rise up and shout out what it is exactly what they want and if they want to see recreational marijuana on the upcoming ballot it could happen if the petition is signed and we can get the necessary votes to pull it off.  Otherwise our state will remain stagnant and good people will remain unemployed and crime will rise to unprecedented levels like never seen before.  We are the people, we make the laws and as Americans we can rise up against all evil.  We need to take a stance and push forward in life and prosper as a strong America. Governor Brown has already approved hemp and with this we can look at it as a good beginning of what is to come.  Just think of all the tax money that could be raised to pay off our debt and put hard working Americans back to work and step up in life.  Our sidewalks, streets and infrastructures could be bolstered 10 fold and we could see our schools and teachers do well instead of struggling and begging for money day after day.  Our jail systems could ease greatly by less incarcerations of cannabis users.  Our thought is if we can pull together we can surely prosper and do well in life.