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Californians going in stealth

February 19, 2016 |

Californians going in stealth is an genius idea!  Why? Well, let’s face it many people do not want to come out publicly supporting cannabis due to their job status, family or even close friends who might be up in the air over the idea.  Nevertheless, what is happening behind the scenes is pretty cool as investors are giving to contributors behind closed doors to get things done.  If you think about it for a cool minute you will realize that California should be the focal point for passing the law for the use of recreational marijuana but instead it has been on the sidelines observing all along.  There are probably a number of reasons for this but I can tell you hard work and networking is being placed in the groundwork to make it happen.  Here is the main problem as I see it, California, basically needs the money and realizes that it will work here but a lot of people are scared of the exponential growth it will cause in where all the top dawgs will get filthy rich overnight and forget what the real plan was behind the ballot in the first place.

You have to remember even if you disagree with it, this will happen and there is nothing much you or I can do about it.  Meaning, big bank eats little bank and that my friends is the bottom line.  Most people do not really care they just want to pass the law so they can enjoy cannabis without the fear of being thrown in  jail.  From what I see, most city, county and state government officials have thrown in the towel and realize it is fruitless to keep it from the people all they have compromised in making it an infraction in most communities.  Well, even that feeble attempt to keep it illegal is silly at best as those same government officials are consuming cannabis behind closed doors knowing all along they too enjoy it and know that it should not be illegal.  The only way we can make this ballot go strong is for you to contact your congress person or senator by email or phone and let them know what it is you want.  There is nothing magical by doing this, as matter of fact it is so easy, it’s easier than ordering a pizza.  They will talk to you if you call them, they’re interested in what you have to say! Read More

Weed Addicts

February 9, 2016 |

Weed addicts?  Is there such a thing?  Okay, lets think about this for a moment, shall we?  Do you know or ever heard of a rehabilitation center exclusively for weed addicts?  The answer is an astounding, “No.” The reason being is there is no money in it, if there were you would see all types of rehab centers all around us.  In other words, although there may be people who are addicted to cannabis, there is no alarm for any governmental intervention.  Please do not miss my point, alcohol addition is a serious problem all over the world and they’re plenty of rehab centers as far as the eye can see.  This of course, goes along with cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin  and other narcotics, but it does not include weed addicts.  So, if  you ask yourself the question, “Why doesn’t it include weed addicts?”  Again, it falls back to what I said earlier, there is no money in it.  Meaning, there is not enough weed addicts coming forward to get or ask for treatment, there is just no money in it.

This turns me to believe even more so, the use of recreational marijuana is none addictive in ways governmental officials would like you to believe, moreover, I believe big pharma is behind most of this nonsense as they tend to lose billions of dollars.  Americans are tired of their trusted doctors prescribing psycho tropic drugs for ailments which could easily be cured by cannabis.  This myth of everyone will turn into, “weed addicts” is completely propaganda attempting to scare Americans from voting yes.  In the great State of California, we will see the ballot this year and from the looks of it, the passage rate is already being said that of a windfall.  Please let all your friends know it is coming this year!  We must all stand united to fight big pharma and go straight to the people and see what it is they want! Read More

Cannabis Branding

January 27, 2016 |


Cannabis branding is something most people do not think about when entering into a new start up. Why? Well, mostly because the first thing which comes to mind is “profit margin” which most college professors will tell you is the most important factor to any business as it is your first objective.  In the year 2016, equally important is to protect your brand. Meaning, if you purchase a domain name, make sure it is not going to infringe on an already up and running business which could result in trademark and or copyright infringements and or violations.  This could prove to be very costly and may damage your company’s reputation within industry.  We have already seen this done with at least one cannabis related online dating company who had a really cool name, however, it was similar to an already up and running business and that particular business was fuming.  Of course, we can’t mention names here as it would be unfair to the each of them.  On the flip side, all you have to do is use some due diligence and attempt to figure out if someone has your domain name by doing a Google search as an example.

Yes, you might have to hire an attorney to make sure your name is secure so people will not steal your idea.  If you believe for one second nobody in their right mind would steal your name, product or service your are mistaken, it happens daily around the world. Remember, there are hackers as an example who may be able to infiltrate your website and remove trade secrets as example.  You must protect your online presence especially if you’re going to use a payment gateway for products and or services.  Getting back to branding, it is important to protect your logos, graphic designs, images and even taglines as they’re unique to your individual site.  What does all this mean?  Simple, invest in your own branding prior to launching any e-commerce website and or business.  Yes, it cost money and plenty of it, but like I said would you rather lose your entire business, or secure it?  This is not difficult to swallow, it merely means you must take precautions in securing your business from evil doers in life and it is all a part of doing business. Read More

Legalize | Cannabis Startups

December 31, 2015 |

Legalize® cannabis startups!  Yes, the craze has spread nationwide in the United States and abroad.  Many entrepreneurs are scurrying the internet in order to find out what trends are coming to life. We all know that it has been a battle to legalize cannabis throughout the United States but all the hard work seems to have paid off. Most police agencies agree, it is time to knock it off and stop prosecuting people who possess small amounts of cannabis and that cannabis is basically harmless.  Of course, there are those staunch haters out there who are calling cannabis a gateway drug, well I would venture to say they too cannot prove up such ideology. In California, 2016 will be the year we will find out if the citizens will approve the use of recreational marijuana. If the people vote for it,  you will see California thrive, with new sidewalks, streetlights, street improvements, better trained law enforcement and lower taxes.  Why? Well, simply said, with the sale of cannabis the tax base will stuff the coffers with enough money for California to pull out of the mess they’re in as we speak.

It’s no secret, the silent majority may not agree so much with the legal use of recreational marijuana but I can tell you they too are partakers and really do want to see the passage of the law.  Problem is they do not want to come out publicly and endorse it because of the stigma behind it all.  However, the voter knows when they’re at the polls nobody can see what your individual vote is for and with that being said many people will pencil in the “yes” vote to make it happen.  After all, conservatives, republicans and the democrats know the tax base on cannabis will be in the multi-millions and if passed you will see California come alive.  Cannabis related businesses will pop up all over the place, not just with the sale of cannabis but cannabis clothing, cannabis jewelry, cannabis edibles.  Stop! Think about if for one cool minute! If the great citizens of California pass the law for the use of recreational marijuana the taxes could be used to bail out  our schools and our teachers could be the real educators they truly are.  Our kids will have the best Ipads, computers and technology the world has ever seen.  Thus, making our kids super intelligent and push for dominance over all other countries. Read More

Vape Crazy

December 15, 2015 |


Vape Crazy!  Yup, people in the mainstream of society have gone vape crazy and are buying up anything they can find to suit their needs.  Why? Well, simple, people are experimenting to see what fits them best.  Of course, the government puts out propaganda all over the media that vaping is bad for you and discourages anyone from giving it a whirl.  I must say, consumers are not that dumb they can see when big pharma or big brother does not want to see you invest in the simple things in life. The fact is, people of all ages are searching daily for the good deals to be had on the internet.  How does one go about finding the right vaporizer?  That is a good question!  Our suggestion is you visit an online vape store and or your local vaping store in order to have all  your questions answer properly. Read More

California’s Ready To Legalize Cannabis

September 13, 2015 |

California’s ready to legalize cannabis in a big way.  Start ups are popping up all over the place!  But, be warned there are some very questionable people who claim to be something that they’re not.  People are investing without using much due diligence and are finding they got ripped off by the best.  Our first suggestion, would be to ask around as most of us who are embedded in the industry already know who  is who and perhaps could make recommendations.  There are still a lot of companies working underground and may not be well known.  It is has been our experience that most do fine once they ask around.  California is not exempt from attracting no good swindlers and they will rip you off if you let your guard down.  Now that California is gearing up, lawmakers behind the scene are trying to get a grip on things.  Meaning, they’re are scrambling to set laws in place that will prohibit certain actions and or stop people from doing what they do best…and that is make money! Read More

Juanazon is Coming

August 18, 2015 | is coming, yes!  Alas, a e-commerce website offering cannabis related products delivered directly to your home or office within the United States.  We enjoy boasting American made products and will certainly enjoy offering those same products to Americans abroad.  Keeping the bulk of business right here in the United States.  Our vision includes but is not limited to cannabis related products for the most part but will entertain other associated products for distribution online.   Please understand nothing is done over night, however, our vision includes expediency in all areas of our launch.  We have secretly invited people within the cannabis industry to sign up with their email at in where those interested could get in on the ground floor for our up coming project.  Now that we have a list of over 20,000 sign ups we’re ready to go to the next level. Read More

June 4, 2015 |

Head is now at the forefront of websites in the cannabis industry!  Yes, who would have figured all these years later the name “Head Shop” would rise to the top of the industry?  As far as we can tell the name, “Head Shop” has been around since the 60’s and has spawned into an underground name in the 70’s and has been idle ever since, that is until today in the year 2015.  The name is now a domain name with an exciting, fresh, clean look which is very inviting to say the least. has been in touch with representatives from and we can tell you although their website is new it is still a very valuable intellectual property.  In effort to further market their products, has stepped up to give them a big shout out! is visited by nearly all the top dawgs within the cannabis industry and heavily invested in the cannabis community.  Our vision is in part to see people with stellar domain names rise to the top within the cannabis industry, a multi-billion dollar industry that is.  Now then, so there is no mistaken we’re all for the patient and not about profiting!  In-fact, we are a non-profit entity and merely are a streaming cannabis news site advocating the legal use of recreational marijuana. Read More