Marijuana vs. United States Federal Government

Marijuana vs. United States Federal Government in the year 2013 is a hot topic for Americans abroad.  It seems as though we are much more educated than ever before, however, there is much needed work to be done before we can ever expect and or believe it will be approved by the good citizens of the United States of America. [more...] After all, without education what do we really  have?  Seriously, all we really have is a bunch of hoopla that will doubtfully gain much traction and possibly fade away back to the underground.  For many years, there has been this underground movement of the cannabis community which has become accustomed to doing business as usual in the sales of cannabis from around the U.S.  This truly is nothing new it is merely came to life and has spawned a new fresh look at what to do with cannabis in the world today.  Americans want answers!  We are a proud nation, free as a democracy with opportunities happening everyday on o…

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