Head Shop.com is now at the forefront of websites in the cannabis industry!  Yes, who would have figured all these years later the name "Head Shop" would rise to the top of the industry?  As far as we can tell the name, "Head Shop" has been around since the 60's and has spawned into an underground name in the 70's and has been idle ever since, that is until today in the year 2015.  The name is now a domain name with an exciting, fresh, clean look which is very inviting to say the least.  Legalize.co has been in touch with representatives from HeadShop.com and we can tell you although their website is new it is still a very valuable intellectual property.  In effort to further market their products, Legalize.co has stepped up to give them a big shout out!  Legalize.co is visited by nearly all the top dawgs within the cannabis industry and heavily invested in the cannabis community.  Our vision is in part to see people with stellar domain names ris…

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