A 2015 poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California found 53% of Californians supported legalizing recreational use of the drug, a high since polling began, however, in 2016 the numbers are at about 59%.  The time is now for the State of California to realize the ballot will pass and will open up the flood gates to a barrage of new cannabis related businesses popping up all over the state.  There is no stopping the people of the State of California because if the people want it then it will come to pass! Our position is simple, if the law is passed for the use of recreational marijuana then of course regulations will have to be met rather quickly.

We know that lawmakers have been watching the States of Washington and Colorado very closely and will likely model themselves after learning what they’ve done to make it all work.  Over all, it is a simple process and is a matter of changing paperwork and clearly spelling out to the people what the rules are. There must be committees set up now to handle the vast flow of frequently asked questions by the people and an organized center of regulation with figure heads in place to handle such legal matters. To do nothing in hopes the initiative does not pass is weak and will surely explode upon impact if measures are not in place to handle the massive move toward business.

Already, there are many start up online businesses who will surely set up shop vying to get in on being an overnight millionaire!  It is not all about selling cannabis or consuming it, it is about the business nature that goes along with the theme.  People will invent products, services and accessories overnight and will rent every vacant building in site.  Don’t believe me?  Well, take a look at the other states that have already legalized the use of marijuana, those states have brought in millions in tax revenue and are thriving today with little or no problems.  If you would like to see the State of California thrive please cast your vote to make it work, tell your friends and spread the word so we can, “Make California Great Again!”

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