Cannabis Branding


Cannabis branding is something most people do not think about when entering into a new start up. Why? Well, mostly because the first thing which comes to mind is "profit margin" which most college professors will tell you is the most important factor to any business as it is your first objective.  In the year 2016, equally important is to protect your brand. Meaning, if you purchase a domain name, make sure it is not going to infringe on an already up and running business which could result in trademark and or copyright infringements and or violations.  This could prove to be very costly and may damage your company's reputation within industry.  We have already seen this done with at least one cannabis related online dating company who had a really cool name, however, it was similar to an already up and running business and that particular business was fuming.  Of course, we can't mention names here as it would be unfair to the each of th…

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