“Because I got high” Remix, by Afroman, in collaboration with WeedMaps.TV and Norml.org!  Afroman shouts out WeedMaps.TV and Norml.org for their contribution and faith in the legalization of marijuana.  We were so excited to see such collaboration and knew right away Afroman would go viral over night.  This overnight sensation has touched the hearts of millions as the YouTube.com  video goes viral topping the charts with over 2, 800,000 views in a matter of days!  This made for public video has heart and soul and is probably one of the most heartfelt songs we have ever heard!  We give major props to Afroman, WeedMaps.TV and Norml.org for bringing this song to the cannabis community.  The song screams, “LEGALIZE” and we want to extend an olive branch to the each of them for having us in their hearts!  Remember, we are seeing the legalization of marijuana come true right before our very eyes, open your eyes and look around to what is happening across our great Country of America.

Afroman is sending a major message, listen to the words he sings so eloquently, his flow goes right to the legalization of marijuana as it should be.  We’re all working diligently as we can to see it happen across our great country.  We too are doing our part in a major way, we would coordinately invite the each of you to join us to “Get Listed” in the Marijuana Cloud at MarijuanaCloud.com a place where everyone who is someone will want to be!  Don’t get left out, “Get Listed” in the Marijuana Cloud, a place where we all meet up to know who’s who and network together in one Marijuana Cloud!  We have big plans for the Marijuana Cloud and we’re offering you the chance to “Get Listed” all for free and you will enjoy the opportunity to be seen and heard, whether you’re an individual or you’re a business you will want to be in the Marijuana Cloud.  As time goes by, you will receive more information about the Marijuana Cloud and the importance of being a member from the onset.  To miss out would certainly be tragic, merely go to MarijuanaCloud.com and “Get listed” to be a part of our major network….thousands of people and or businesses have already signed up.  Now then, kickback and enjoy Afroman’s newest video…

Keep an eye out for other ways that weed promotes positivity. #getelevated
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Directed by Morgan Freed & Brian Schopfel for The Uprising Creative

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I write about Recreational Marijuana, Contact Legalize & Support The Movement. I'm a huge advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, "Support The Movement" time that is the future as a nation to help regulate laws and the safe use of recreational marijuana, giving you the best of the best type of experience. When it comes down to the type of regulation you want to hear about, I'm the guy that will put you in the state of "Deep Thinking"

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