Legalization victory for Colorado & Washington residents who voted to pass amendment 64 the use of marijuana of legalization law. Welcome, is bent on bringing you up to date news as quick as we possibly can.  Let’s jump in shall we?  It is still unclear to most Americans what just happened in the States of Colorado & Washington.  A bill was brought by the people asking the voters to vote for the use of recreational marijuana.  The voters scrambled to the polls and voted, “yes” on the initiative and wham it was passed by flying colors.  So then, what happens next? Well, it is all up in the air for now because everyone wants to get started right away but the law takes time to go into effect.  But soon enough it will and hopefully all the bugs will be worked out so people can start sinking their teeth into some viable businesses. Amendment 64 is very exciting and will prove up to its very own word, “amendment.”

Yes, there will be many people who will start businesses and begin the process of becoming very successful.  Young entrepreneurs will scurry to buy domain names for their websites as technology plays a big part in the industry.  My gosh, think about it, every computer geek out there will figure out a way to cash in on this marijuana cash cow.  Think about it, mobile apps for marijuana delivery, sales, packaging, accessories etc…  This is a very exciting time for Americans as we will soon see the fruits of our labor.  Oh, and what about real estate?  People will be buying up property like mad in order to harvest marijuana fields, fertilizer, hydroponics, machinery etc…  How about advertisement?  There will be so much printing of flyers, business cards, signs etc…  What about television commercials, radio ads, newspaper ads?  I mean you can go on and on…

This will surely bring the economy back to where it should be in both of these states.  The revenue will be in the billions, after all it is not hard math.  Moving ahead,  I wanna get back to the domain names where people will be building websites like crazy to promote their businesses.  The reason I want to focus here is the fact that people can open as many store fronts as they wish but to get world-wide attention, a website is the best thing they could do.  Do you know where to buy a domain name?  Yes, you can buy from a registrar such as or perhaps other places such as or to name a few.  So when you get ready to buy a domain name…be really careful not to waste your hard earned money as there are tricks to know when you make a purchase of a name.  You must have keywords that are relative to your business otherwise it will be futile for your success.  You can contact for any domain name consultation you may need.

In speaking about the political realm still lingering after the polls…let’s talk about what is currently being said behind closed doors.  You will always have haters so it really doesn’t matter much since the law has been passed.  Most City, County and State politicians will oscillate when being questioned about what they are going to do to stop it.  Of course, they will think of something as they do not want to lose their seat.

Either way, the big thing everyone will talk about is the federal government trumps state law…which is true..but I can tell you that this will change… remember it is not what the federal government wants but rather what the people want.  I have said it before and time and time again the people will always prevail.  Our government is based on democracy and the people have built this great nation into what it is today, nothing will stop us from taking a stance.  America is the most powerful country on earth and boasts the most powerful technology driven military in the world.  America will never lose, America will always be No#1, there will be no other leader in the world other than America.  Be proud America…we can vote without fear or retribution… we are Americans.

Huff Post reports: Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in the prohibition era on Tuesday, dealing a major blow to the war on drugs. Medical marijuana was also legalized in Massachusetts, underlining long-running trends in public opinion toward more permissive attitudes on drugs.

“To put this into historical context, there is no historical context,” said Tom Angell, spokesperson for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “It’s the first time any state has ever voted to legalize marijuana — and two of them did it.”

The votes marked a significant shift from decades of tough-on-crime policies that burned through $1 trillion in tax dollars over 40 years, led to the arrest of 850,000 Americans for marijuana law violations in 2010 alone, and fueled the rise of deadly drug cartels abroad. But even as pot reformers celebrated their long-sought victories, the threat of a confrontation with the federal government loomed.

Both ballot measures would legalize recreational marijuana use only for adults, and cannabis would remain a controlled substance under federal law.

In Colorado, Amendment 64 won with 54 percent of the vote in favor to 46 percent opposed. The measure allows the cultivation and sale of marijuana. In Washington, Initiative 502 carried the day with 56 percent of the vote in support and 44 percent against with half of precincts reporting.

Oregon was the lone state where legalization appears to have lost, with 55 percent of voters opposed. Support there may have been hamstrung by the public profile of Measure 80’s primary backer, pot entrepreneur Paul Stanford, who was charged with failure to pay state income tax in 2011.

In California, a proposition that would reduce the severity of the state’s harsh “three strikes” law appeared to be leading in early returns, which could signal a general move toward more rehabilitative stances on criminal justice.

The successful pro-pot campaigns prominently featured the voices of law enforcement officials who testified firsthand about the corrosive impact of the war on drugs. There was no reason to prohibit marijuana, they suggested, when far more destructive drugs like alcohol were legal.

Elsewhere in the nation, voters sent mixed messages on marijuana for medical use. Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana by a wide margin, becoming the 18th state to do so. The state of Arkansas, however, failed to become the first in the south to allow cancer patients and others relieve their pain with cannabis.

But there was reason for pause about marijuana reform as signs emerged that the Justice Department could move to block key elements of the ballot measures like tax collection. On Sunday, a former senior adviser to the Obama administration’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, Kevin Sabet, told NBC News that “once these states actually try to implement these laws, we will see an effort by the Feds to shut it down.”

“The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will,” said Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who opposed legalization, in a statement. “This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don’t break out the Cheetos or goldfish too quickly.”

“What an insult to the majority of voters who did not follow your recommendation, governor,” responded Angell. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see that comment bite him in the ass.”

In both Washington and Colorado, action from the Justice Department could jeopardize marijuana tax revenues meant for state treasuries, a key element of selling legalization to undecided voters.

“Our work in Colorado and Washington is not yet done,” Angell said. “We still need to work on effectively implementing these laws … so that we can show that when you legalize marijuana, the sky doesn’t fall.”

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