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Authored by CEO-Founder, Kevin Faler

Co-authored by Senior Editor, Tiffany Jenkins

Legalization of marijuana, Americans want the [Federal Government] Fed’s to butt out!!! It looks like everything is going well when it comes to people accepting the fact recreational marijuana is now legal in the States of Colorado & Washington.  Or is it? What’s really cool is the citizens appear to have been cooperative with their local police officers and have taken good direction from the police. However, this does not negate the fact that most Americans are split over the legalization of marijuana.  A new Gallup poll out today suggests that there are many different criteria to determine what age group actually agrees or disagrees with the passage of the new laws.  The poll also makes mention of democrats and republicans who are split on the issue as well. Legalization is important to all our lawmakers, but the laws must be defined through legalization.


Our thoughts are that the Gallup polls are pretty much on the dime when it comes to polls, Gallup has a long history of using the ole adage of using representative and random samples through litmus tests to factor in variations of the polls making them more believable.  What’s really interesting is the age old myth of the people who do not want to be identified as “someone might find out if they smoke pot.” …Lol  So then, are the polls actually correct?  Nobody knows for certain but I can tell you it is probably the only measurement we will ever have to go by.  Moving on, the caveat here when doing any kind of poll or study is to understand if there are any other variations that factor in, and in this case it is the Federal Government.  If you do not already know, the Federal Government has deemed marijuana a schedule narcotic.  Thus, making it against federal law.



Realistically, the people can vote to change this law and when it is reversed, the Federal Government will have no choice but to honor what the people want.  Therefore, it would not matter what the poll said as long as the people vote for the use of recreational and or medical marijuana in their respective states.  By now, you have certainly read a lot of articles written on this subject and it is time to move forward but here is the problem. There is only vague information to retrieve as the Federal Government has not taken any kind stance on the issue.  So is mum the word?  At this point we can only guess what the fed’s are thinking but they have not intervened as of  yet.  Interestingly enough, it is this type of poker face by the fed’s that probably scares most Americans.  It is the not knowing which instills fear due to the power of Federal Government.

Rest assured the fed’s are powerful as we as Americans gave them the power they so rightfully deserve.  Not to worry, the fed’s are not going to start banging down doors of our American citizenry for smoking some skunk weed.  They at the most are going to attempt to organize the legalization with great regulation immediately in effort to thwart any uprising.  We have spoken to many marijuana activists who also have no idea what the Federal Government is doing right now but it has been fun to think of what strategy they will come up with.  It is only a matter of time and we shall see what the Federal Government is going to say.  Hopefully, the feds’s will come to a viable solution and not try and strong arm any certain state.  The carrot has been dangling for many years, it is time to set the record straight and by doing so, Americans have made it clear they want the fed’s to butt out…

As you may know, marijuana use is legal in some states. Do you think the federal government should take steps to enforce federal anti-marijuana laws in those states, or not? November 2012 results


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