Latest news:  Are senior citizens going to pot?  Well, it sure looks that way, with more and more  pharmaceuticals charging outrageous prices for meds our seniors are turning to cannabis as a remedy to save money.  It is important to realize most senior citizens are on a fixed income and cannot afford to purchase meds from their pharmacies, so instead they have turned to medical marijuana dispensaries or collectives in order to self-medicate.  We spoke to one elderly lady,  Suzanne Milstrap,  from Los Angeles who said she was fed up with paying out of her social security what little she had left to pay for her anxiety meds.  Instead, she applied for a medical marijuana card and started purchasing cannabis from a local dispensary near her house.  She doesn’t have a car and was lucky because the dispensary was in walking distance from her home.

Suzanne had some good news to tell us, she said she not only saved money but she felt so much better by using cannabis and her anxiety subsided tremendously.  She was so excited to know she no longer was held captive by the big pharmaceutical companies, it was as if she was held hostage in her own home.  She was so happy to be able to use cannabis knowing it was all natural versus some chemical driven drug which she had no idea what it was made of.  Suzanne was quick to point out she also was able to save a bunch of her money without giving it all away for pharmaceutical drugs.  I asked Suzann if she was going to vote in favor of the legalization of cannabis.  She said she would and she would be sure to talk to all her friends at the bingo hall about voting for it as well.  Her enthusiasm was well taken, but she did say most senior citizens do not want anyone to know they are smoking cannabis because in their era they were told it was a crime and they would either go to jail or just go plain crazy from using it. I told her of a great website called Silver Tour she might want to check out and that it was a great site for senior citizens smoking cannabis.

She made it very clear, she is no longer living in fear of going to jail or going crazy and she will never stop using cannabis as long as she lives.  I asked Suzanne if she smoked her cannabis in a pipe or rolled in papers.  She told me she likes using a small pipe but does have to leave it in the same place or she will forget where she left it, we both got a kick out of that!  I asked Suzanne if they gave her a senior citizen discount at the dispensary, she giggled and said no but they do give her samples of new strains. I asked her if she had any recommendations for other senior citizens who might want to give cannabis a whirl.  She said she talks to all of her friends about it and they all agree it should be legal but definitely regulated so it can be taxed and kept out of the hands of children unless the child has a medical condition. I asked Suzanne if she ever thought about growing her own cannabis, she said no she was not interested in growing her own, she found it more fun going to the dispensary.  I asked her why?  She said, “ya know its funny, it’s like being in a candy store!”  Again, we both laughed are heads off, I must admit she was really funny and no she wasn’t high…or at least I don’t think she was.

I asked her what she liked the best about smoking cannabis, she said she liked the fact she did not feel jittery with her anxiety and that it calmed her down and because of it her anxiety was next to nothing.  She remembers going into panic attacks if she did not have her medication, which was lexapro a psycho tropic drug prescribed by her doctor.  I asked her if she could remember how many types of drugs her doctor prescribed her over a five year period. Suzanne said she was on so many she could not count but does remember it was several.  Suzanne looked at me with the look of fear on her face and said, “You have no idea what those drugs did to me.” I asked her if she would elaborate.  Suzanne said they made her very sad and at times did not feel like living as all hope was beyond her. It was kind of sad listening to such news but I did have a good feeling when she told me her life turned around by smoking cannabis and that it was a life changer for her.  I told her I was proud of her for making the right decision and that she was a grown adult who could make such decisions in her life.  I ended the interview with Suzanne and explained it was people like her who make life worth living!

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