California Authorities Going After Marijuana Peddlers

California is going after medical marijuana dispensaries all over California citing a recent court decision allowing cities to limit the amount of medical marijuana dispensaries allowed.  Cities have taken advantage of this recent law mostly because medical marijuana dispensaries had found loop holes in the law early on and were able to place their businesses in seedy areas and or in posh locations within the city.  Either way, there has always been some controversy in where to place the dispensaries, some people of communities were fuming whether they were in the ghetto or upper class parts of the city.  So it would seem, the poor medical marijuana dispensary just can’t win.  However, the patients are the real losers in the scheme of things.  Remember, the law was constructed to protect the patient and to provide medical marijuana.

Our opinion, is most cities truly do want the dispensaries but not one on every corner.  If you look back in time it was the same with liquor stores, they popped up on every street corner in every ghetto city across America. [more…] Then when savvy business people started seeing the high margins they began developing in the upper class neighborhoods.  Interestingly enough,  we can see the same or similar circumstances as medical marijuana and alcohol have evolved.  Until, we can find a level playing field you will continue to hear these same stories over and over.  Why?  Well, we are Americans and we have to get it right eventually, through equality!   When our forefathers who harvested wheat, corn or squash during the beginning of time we learned then about competition.  America is very competitive and are all about business with a mixture of fun and entertainment.  What does this have to do with medical marijuana?  If you look closely at what I am saying here, America will always be controversial it is our nature.

We can’t lie to ourselves, do you really think it was right in the first place to open up a medical marijuana dispensary across the street from a junior high school?  Probably not such a good idea, so we can see why some of the medical marijuana dispensaries would have to close down and or move to another location.  Believe it or not, a lot of the owners of the medical marijuana dispensaries have broken other laws outside of peddling marijuana to patients.  This is where is gets embarrassing since people commit such crimes as gun possession, fencing stolen property or even selling dangerous scheduled narcotics to boot!  Always remember, there are other reasons you may not hear about when these medical marijuana dispensaries are closed down. Are we quick to judge the cops? I heard of one just yesterday in Apple Valley California in where the owner just opened the doors and was heard to have went out and purchased a new car, new motorcycle and house all on credit determined he is going to make a million dollars.

After a brief chuckle, I said to myself the guy just don’t get it.  It is this type of behavior which generally gets people into trouble.  Sure, mere speculation but you could see how the silly ideas of people can snowball into trouble financially, thus, causing them to commit other crimes along with way in effort to make it.  Our reports come from a number of sources and if you have anything at all you would like us to report on please feel free to contact us!  We will attempt to keep you updated on the further closure of collectives as we move forward on the legalization of marijuana reform.

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