California Cannabis or Bust

The buzz around California is the cannabis industry is wide open for the taking, but the problem is that it is so big nobody seems to know where to begin.  Many people who want to do a start up are trying to buy domain names for their online websites but the problem is they’ve all been bought up and re-sellers want big bucks to get them.  So then, the only thing people can do is make up a cool word or two to make it work but that is not that easy due to search terms over the internet.  People have always flocked to California over time in order to find their golden nugget and now that Proposition 64 has successfully passed things are looking up.  Or are they?  Don’t think for one minute California lawmakers are not behind the scenes as we speak, scrambling to sign city municipal laws to stop would be cannabis shops from setting up in their communities.  Can they do that?  Yes, of course and they will!  The reasons may vary but it is all about control and money in the end and this is something they’re going to put their stamp on right away.

How to get started in the Cannabis business

There are many ways to get started but first and foremost you must have an action plan or business plan to succeed and fail.  In this way, you have a guide to go by and not just your thoughts.  A business plan can help you to continue to strive toward your short term and long term goals while running your business.  Many times, people do not have the financial investment stockpiled to see their start up grow, they try to wing it along the way and many times fail due to the lack of money for marketing etc…  Our advice to you is to have a promotional product ready to go before you start if you’re in fact going to peddle a product.  Purchasing a domain name for a website is not so difficult, building a website is to not so difficult, but what is difficult is marketing your product and closing deals. You can build a million dollar website, that does not mean anyone will see it, more less search for it.  So then, please listen up!  My advice is merely advice, many people do succeed in their endeavors but it is sometimes not so easy but takes someone to dedicate serious time and money to make it work. Remember, if you’re in the business of selling cannabis, you’d better contact a lawyer and go exactly by the law and even then, you must remember it is still illegal on the federal level.  We all know federal law trumps state law and until cannabis is changed from a schedule I drug to a schedule II, it will remain illegal to sell.

Ideas of what to sell

Wow, there are so many products to sell in the cannabis industry that I will not be able to name them all here.  One of the biggest and hottest selling items selling are vaporizers.  However, there are a lot of knock offs and Chinese made imported vaporizers that you have to be really careful of buying cheap stuff that your customers will undoubtedly hate in the end, plus  you’ll lose your customer in the end.  Cannabis clothing, hemp clothing and jewelry are also hot sellers as well.  Some people are peddling CBD oil and doing very well, however, you have to be very very careful here because it is ingested and were talking about human consumption.  Other items are novelty items like bracelets, rings, hats and t-shirts.  Others are hosting cannabis tours which do very well and we’d suggest you look at Colorado for ways to start that type of business, they’re killing it over there.  Remember, at the end of the day people will try all kinds of businesses and those who do things illegal will find themselves in all sorts of trouble because if they think they’re going to plead ignorant they will hang em high!  Lawmakers, will go after anyone they can for violating the law when it comes to cannabis and part of the reason for this is because they do not know what is in store for California in the scheme of things. I’d like to say that everything will be fine but that is not a healthy way of thinking, after all people are people and not everybody is so honest.  Find a product or service that you have a passion for and go for it, make a plan and just do it. People are opening cannabis coffee shops, cannabis pubs and other store fronts selling fumed glass and other trinkets. Vape shops have popped all over Southern California but the question is will they last?  I am thinking they will find themselves of something from the past and will change them into cannabis shops.

Don’t forget licensing

Please do not forget to get the proper licensing for your business as the first thing law enforcement will ask for is you licensing.  If you do not have the proper licensing then you’ll just find yourself stressed out when basically it just comes to filling out the proper paperwork and paying the fee’s.  A lot of people will not include the cost of licensing in their investment and not realize it will prohibit them from doing certain types of business. Again, there is no such thing as ignorance of the law, you’d better consult with a lawyer before doing business and even then get a second opinion.  Not all lawyers are familiar with cannabis laws and you don’t want to get into trouble.  There is also State Franchise Tax Board licensing, with your D.B.A. – Doing Business As when you start your business.


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