Californians going in stealth is an genius idea!  Why? Well, let’s face it many people do not want to come out publicly supporting cannabis due to their job status, family or even close friends who might be up in the air over the idea.  Nevertheless, what is happening behind the scenes is pretty cool as investors are giving to contributors behind closed doors to get things done.  If you think about it for a cool minute you will realize that California should be the focal point for passing the law for the use of recreational marijuana but instead it has been on the sidelines observing all along.  There are probably a number of reasons for this but I can tell you hard work and networking is being placed in the groundwork to make it happen.  Here is the main problem as I see it, California, basically needs the money and realizes that it will work here but a lot of people are scared of the exponential growth it will cause in where all the top dawgs will get filthy rich overnight and forget what the real plan was behind the ballot in the first place.

You have to remember even if you disagree with it, this will happen and there is nothing much you or I can do about it.  Meaning, big bank eats little bank and that my friends is the bottom line.  Most people do not really care they just want to pass the law so they can enjoy cannabis without the fear of being thrown in  jail.  From what I see, most city, county and state government officials have thrown in the towel and realize it is fruitless to keep it from the people all they have compromised in making it an infraction in most communities.  Well, even that feeble attempt to keep it illegal is silly at best as those same government officials are consuming cannabis behind closed doors knowing all along they too enjoy it and know that it should not be illegal.  The only way we can make this ballot go strong is for you to contact your congress person or senator by email or phone and let them know what it is you want.  There is nothing magical by doing this, as matter of fact it is so easy, it’s easier than ordering a pizza.  They will talk to you if you call them, they’re interested in what you have to say!

There are other ways you can support the upcoming ballot in California and that is by leaving comments here on, trust me the politicians are looking and reading.  One thing they’re looking at are any comments and or numbers to the website to see its power.  We can tell you we see our analytics and although we do not have a zillion unique hits we do see where the hits are coming from and we know who is who, so you can rest assure people in the government and other top cannabis sites are visiting.  This part of what I mean by Californians going in stealth!  In a sense, they’re here but not   Anyway, just wanted to let you know about this little secret as it relates to what is happening underground.  Stay tuned to more underground secrets coming.

By Legalize

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