Californians speak out for and against an up coming bill in order to approve recreational marijuana in the State of California.  Before I get started here, let me say this… I am a firm believer something is wrong here. I sensed it a few years ago when California voters narrowly missed the opportunity to have the law passed, but gave it a thumbs down.  Since I was born & raised here I know the behaviors of the government and the social outcry of the people.  So then, what is exactly missing?  Well, I am not sure I can identify what the problem is or the lack of.  I am mystified as to why Californians are not banning together to make this law a reality.  After all, we have major players in the industry who are salivating at the chance to open viable businesses in California.  There are plenty of wealthy investors who are standing in line to invest in profitable high margin businesses related to cannabis.

But again, what is stopping the good people of California?  It is almost like a curse  of some sort in where it is just not meant to be.  I do not  think it is the police, most California police agencies are understanding and realize the real problem is not with cannabis… it is by the cartels who are attempting to peddle  cannabis by importing it from the County of Mexico.  However, we have seen many cartels from many other countries do the same so it is not just the Country of Mexico.  As far as business goes, many people are buying  up cannabis domain names for their websites and are even dabbling in selling marijuana seeds hoping they will be profitable until the day they can start selling marijuana accessories. Now then, the way it looks to me is there is much doubt the citizenry of the State of California will gather the much needed 500,000 signatures needed to get it on the ballot and if that is the case we are looking at the 2016 at best.

One thing that stands out is the States of Washington and Colorado, it was said early on…. the State of California would be watching these two states very closely to see where or how they fared in the end.  We do not have an update as of yet but we do know the taxes collected thus far have been in the millions and so far neither the  state  or the federal government has not bleeped a peep!  Which I guess for the most part is a good sign for the cannabis community as a whole.  Would the State of California not benefit from such a tax?  Why would Governor Brown care anyway, after all he is about 77 years old and is on his way out to better pastures.  It would stand to reason the citizens could greatly benefit from a large tax influx for the betterment of the state.  If we can get the support of the community abroad we could see the potential of this bill passing and if we could do this, then all eyes would shift to California.  The opposition in California seems to be in the area of medical marijuana dispensaries.  The citizens are saying they are satisfied with the dispensaries and there is no need for the passage of another bill approving marijuana.  So, there seems to be some confusion about the actual law.  There are advocates who are saying the medical marijuana dispensaries are voting against the ballot because they do not want to lose business.  Our question to the dispensaries is why would you care, you are suppose to be a care provider and not be in the business to profit.

The citizens of the State of California need to rise up and shout out what it is exactly what they want and if they want to see recreational marijuana on the upcoming ballot it could happen if the petition is signed and we can get the necessary votes to pull it off.  Otherwise our state will remain stagnant and good people will remain unemployed and crime will rise to unprecedented levels like never seen before.  We are the people, we make the laws and as Americans we can rise up against all evil.  We need to take a stance and push forward in life and prosper as a strong America. Governor Brown has already approved hemp and with this we can look at it as a good beginning of what is to come.  Just think of all the tax money that could be raised to pay off our debt and put hard working Americans back to work and step up in life.  Our sidewalks, streets and infrastructures could be bolstered 10 fold and we could see our schools and teachers do well instead of struggling and begging for money day after day.  Our jail systems could ease greatly by less incarcerations of cannabis users.  Our thought is if we can pull together we can surely prosper and do well in life.

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