California’s ready to legalize cannabis in a big way.  Start ups are popping up all over the place!  But, be warned there are some very questionable people who claim to be something that they’re not.  People are investing without using much due diligence and are finding they got ripped off by the best.  Our first suggestion, would be to ask around as most of us who are embedded in the industry already know who  is who and perhaps could make recommendations.  There are still a lot of companies working underground and may not be well known.  It is has been our experience that most do fine once they ask around.  California is not exempt from attracting no good swindlers and they will rip you off if you let your guard down.  Now that California is gearing up, lawmakers behind the scene are trying to get a grip on things.  Meaning, they’re are scrambling to set laws in place that will prohibit certain actions and or stop people from doing what they do best…and that is make money!

Remember, if the law passes it will be for recreational use, not necessarily for patients, therefore it will be a business in and all of its own.  What people do not understand is that it will not be all store fronts, it will be the marijuana accessories that will fetch the big bucks.  The store fronts will do fine, but many people will grow at their homes and will undoubtedly sell to their friends etc… which is really all that is going on in today’s world.  We’ve mentioned it before but if you’re going to sell marijuana accessories you will have to have a website, so then, you will need a domain name to make it happen.  We can tell you there are no premium domains left unless you pay premium dollars.  So, do not wait and be the last in line.  If you have a product ready to launch you’d better get it done because its coming and you will not want to be last in line.  California is ready and there are millions of people here with money and they surely will do business.

Please spread the word through your social media outlets and tell your friends to get ready to VOTE otherwise it will not happen.  This should take place in your inner-circle of friends and also during college debates.  We all know it will save our great State of California and will dig us out fairly quickly.  It will bring big business to our youth and start ups.  For those of you who do not know, the profit margin in marijuana accessories is in the billions!

By Legalize

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