Cannabis branding is something most people do not think about when entering into a new start up. Why? Well, mostly because the first thing which comes to mind is “profit margin” which most college professors will tell you is the most important factor to any business as it is your first objective.  In the year 2016, equally important is to protect your brand. Meaning, if you purchase a domain name, make sure it is not going to infringe on an already up and running business which could result in trademark and or copyright infringements and or violations.  This could prove to be very costly and may damage your company’s reputation within industry.  We have already seen this done with at least one cannabis related online dating company who had a really cool name, however, it was similar to an already up and running business and that particular business was fuming.  Of course, we can’t mention names here as it would be unfair to the each of them.  On the flip side, all you have to do is use some due diligence and attempt to figure out if someone has your domain name by doing a Google search as an example.

Yes, you might have to hire an attorney to make sure your name is secure so people will not steal your idea.  If you believe for one second nobody in their right mind would steal your name, product or service your are mistaken, it happens daily around the world. Remember, there are hackers as an example who may be able to infiltrate your website and remove trade secrets as example.  You must protect your online presence especially if you’re going to use a payment gateway for products and or services.  Getting back to branding, it is important to protect your logos, graphic designs, images and even taglines as they’re unique to your individual site.  What does all this mean?  Simple, invest in your own branding prior to launching any e-commerce website and or business.  Yes, it cost money and plenty of it, but like I said would you rather lose your entire business, or secure it?  This is not difficult to swallow, it merely means you must take precautions in securing your business from evil doers in life and it is all a part of doing business.

The legalization of recreational marijuana is here in America and it will go viral in a matter of time.  As matter of fact, it goes to the voters in the State of California this year and it could be a benchmark for America!  With this being said, you need to know there is a lot of money in California and many savvy business people and they’ll surely jump on board very quickly.  Money will be flowing and flowing as a river does after the snow melts in the Mammoth.  There will be a Mammoth of cannabis related business popping up all over the place, so much so it will give you the shivers!  Currently, the cannabis branding fiery is becoming mainstream and it will not be long for it hits America from all four corners.   In order to protect your cannabis brand please seek legal advise from any marijuana lawyer who has special knowledge of how to protect  your brand.  I would have to write volumes here but like I said it is all about investing into your own business.

Why would a person build a jewelry store and not install an burglar or robbery alarm?  I can tell you who…. a person who did not care enough to secure his branding or invest in his/her business.  On a lighter note, cannabis online company’s are going wild on the internet…from cannabis dating websites….to popular cannabis tours in Colorado and Washington.  I realize it is not all about making the all mighty dollar but we have evolved from patients making purchased in medical marijuana collectives to now recreational use of marijuana.  Believe it or not what is most popular are the cannabis related edibles, they’re flying off the shelves but I must warn you there are already legal issues concerning the consumption of edibles so make sure you speak with a knowledgeable lawyer who can draft of disclaimers and warning labels on your products before dispensing….remember some people have big appetites and do know when to stop and gorge until they pop!

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