Cannabis, let’s face it, shall we?  The legalization of the use of recreational marijuana is still far off from most people’s realm of thinking.  Why?  Well, we have little or no education with across the board information in where people can go to review and trust.”[more…]”  Since there are so many websites boasting different types of information, anyone could find themselves as saying it is mostly a hodgepodge of verbose silly writings with little or no provable facts.  Now then, with so much confusion this is where we fail to gain support from non-believers from all over the nation.  There are those who would disagree with me and cite some lost website somewhere…. which probably does have some good information and has some standing but the problem is the website is so weak not many people can find such information.  There are some very colorful marijuana websites out there with catchy names who illustrate some really cool images or banner ads, making one think they are professional or at least make people think they are a solid business.  However, I  have seen and reviewed most of the sites on the internet and most are inadequate as far as documenting valid information.  Of course, I am merely generalizing but if you look deep you can see there is major plagiarism and open ended statements which do not amount to even reading.  Journalist are salivating at any story they can to trump up the legacy of cannabis as we once knew it.

Even the images are copied over and over and nobody seems to know their origin from conception.  Please do not miss my point here, I am basically saying if there were one website that displayed a compartmentalized list of categories of cannabis and its break down by scientists for an example, it would give the general public an over all look of fresh information that was proved up by some type of testing.  Yes, it all costs money and nobody seems to have it or at least wants to invest in this type of research as there is not much of a margin there.  So then, our thoughts are this is….. where we fail is….. allowing the federal government to prevail in litigated cases as there is nothing on the table for the judicial officer to sink their teeth into.  As an example, recently Harborside Health Center lost their case in court in where the judicial officer sided with the federal government and dismissed a case brought by the City of Oakland.  Attorney Cedric Chao, representing Oakland, had argued that the city has broad interests in ensuring Harborside Health Center remains open, as its closure would compel many of the dispensary’s 108,000 patients to turn to the illegal market, triggering a public health and safety crisis.  But U.S. Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James ruled there was no appropriate legal avenue for Oakland’s intervention.

Here is another point: Cedric Chao does not say exactly how the closure would affect the 108,000 patients other than turning to the illegal market.  This is where Cedric Chao fails.  The presupposition here is once the court heard this statement it surely opened the door to listen further.  However, the court hears nothing more and goes onto making the ruling without any further explanation.   Here are some suggestive thoughts the court would have enjoyed hearing.

  • Patients may arm themselves for protection as they would have to roam the seedy areas of the underground and meet with cartels to purchase cannabis.
  • Patients may drive vehicles they would not normally drive to seek out cannabis when they are unlicensed.
  • Patients may purchase cannabis from unscrupulous drug peddlers who have laced the cannabis with a narcotic in hopes of getting them hooked so they come back for more.
  • Patients may start selling cannabis and get hurt or robbed by jealous dealers.
  • Patients may not receive the strain they need for self medication.
  • The government, whether it be City, County, State or Federal government will receive no tax base whatsoever.
  • Strengthens the underground drug cartels, specifically from the Country of Mexico, where the homicide rate is astronomical due to the drug cartels.
  • Dispensaries will go out of business, thus, people will be unemployed.
  • The DEA will be more inundated with outdoor grows due to more demand from 108,000 patients having no resources.

These are some ideas we thought of… the court could have heard to have a better understanding.  The court only hears what people tell them, they really can’t read into it.  Again, if you get our drift here, we can prevail more often with better education when it comes to cannabis.  To say, “Oh it is for medicinal purposes” doesn’t really work with the courts…they want to hear more….and they want to hear from scientists more so than from medical doctors who do not specialize in cannabis.
More news to report:
Thursday, more than a dozen members of Congress co-introduced legislation pertaining to medical marijuana.  U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) wrote the “States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act,” which in addition to rescheduling marijuana for medical use would allow states to establish production and distribution laws without interference by the federal government, and would also remove current obstacles to research.
U.S. Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.) wrote the “Truth in Trials Act,” a separate bill that would overturn the prohibition on medical marijuana evidence in federal court, allowing defendants who were complying with state and local laws to introduce such evidence in their own defense.
The bills come in advance of a national medical marijuana conference organized by Americans for Safe Access to be held next week in Washington, D.C.

Judge rules against Oakland in medical marijuana lawsuit

Federal Legislation To Protect Medical Marijuana States Introduced

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