Here is the truth as we know it, Colorado is gone hog wild and is ahead in the polls thus far. Seriously, will Colorado be the first one to actually pass the first recreational marijuana law?  Everyone is biting their nails in anticipation for it to pass.  It will bring more jobs and more taxes to the state and get them out of the rut all of America  has found itself in since the bankers stole all the money.  The great collapse of the housing market was due to greedy bankers like BofA who has been sued repeatedly for predatory lending…

The marijuana legalization initiative on November’s ballot in Colorado, Amendment 64, is currently ahead in the polls. Opponents of this initiative have been on the attack in recent weeks claiming the initiative is bad for young people in Colorado. Contrary to arguments by the defenders of the status quo, current marijuana policy in Colorado fails young people and is indefensible.  Yes, there have been many arrests but one could say that about alcohol as well.  The caveat here is if the people want to pass the law then that is what it is… is a news reporting agency who leaves no stone uncovered as it relates to reporting world-wide news without fear or retribution.  Freedom of express is ours to keep forever, our forefathers have embedded it in the United States Constitution for a simple reason to keep the people free.

We give a high-five to the citizens of Colorado for taking a stance and passing the laws they want not what the government would have you believe you should  have.  Now then, seriously are law makers going to try and quash the voters from what is to become law?  I don’t think they will take it that far.  The federal government may try and enforce it but if you think about it for a moment, how far will they go and how much money will they spend needlessly.

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