Colorado pot shortage is an under statement, as sales for recreational marijuana swell to astronomical amounts. [more…] People are going crazy snapping  up whatever strain they can get their hands on. The upside of it is Colorado has pulled it off with little problems and the police are quite happy.  At first the police were overly concerned about people driving while under the influence of marijuana but that all came to an abrupt stop when nothing happened.  Of course, we are all human and people are bound to get arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana just like they do for being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage…it is human nature to err.

People in America are supporting the use of marijuana more and more every day. Why?  Well, it is simple, people are realizing all the negative hype was a bunch of malarkey in the first place and realize now it was nothing more than propaganda. Even the federal government has backed down with all of its officials agreeing that it is a low level offense and they are no longer interested in prosecuting cases on the lower levels.  With such shortages comes crime, so we realize it will only be a matter of time before the criminal element will look for ways to creep into the picture to peddle on the black market.  Colorado needs to stand though and not allow such things to happen.  Basically, people are going to have to be patient and allow for harvest season to roll around before they can get regulated marijuana for sale.

Shortages are bound to happen and the only thing to be said for such shortages is the high demand for a product that is being sought after by the general public.  Now then, in America we stand up for what we believe it right and we can be very patient, however, we expect all marijuana dispensaries to be up on their game and adequately store enough product.  We might sound like the gestapo here but it is very important Colorado follow all the rules as the eyes of the world are upon them at this very moment. When demands for a product such as marijuana cannot be met then people will go to other extremes to make purchases and this could spawn big trouble for Colorado.  So far, the government has been very generous in allowing state law to be exemplified but as we all know it only takes a handful of people to ruin it all.

We ask the Colorado citizenry to behave and follow the law and not get into trouble by doing something they are not suppose to do, such as import marijuana in from a different state just to fill the coffers of already empty marijuana dispensaries.  Once Hemp property starts to sell in Colorado, you can expect big shipments to keep the shelves stocked year round but until then Colorado farmers are going to have to re-evaluate their yearly harvest.  Colorado farmers are very intelligent American workers who make things happen around the world every day, so it should be a no brainer to get things up and running.  Until then, we will monitor the progress in Colorado and report back their over all success.

By Legalize

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