Colorado supports legalization of marijuana movement is upon us….Welcome to a streaming news site bringing you real up to date information on the legalization of marijuana across the United States.  Yesterday, we learned some interesting information from one  of our valued Facebook friends who made the following comment on our Facebook page:

Richard Albertini comments: Attn: People of California! Don’t let this happen in only Colorado & Washington! Go out today and find out what you can do to make recreational use legal in California! California grows the best marijuana on the planet. It is California’s biggest cash crop! Don’t let the industry leave California! If the industry leaves California it will create a economic windfall for the state that allow the legal use for recreation! Don’t you want to see this money stay and grow in California?

It will also cause a great demand for it as medicine in California allowing Dispensary’s, Caregivers, Growers Etc. to go ahead and charge as much as they want for it, do you remember how expensive it was in the beginning? Do you want greed and corruption within the marijuana community? Do you want to help people & corporations like Tea & sympathy, The Maine Wellness Group, The Medical Marijuana Pharmacy, The pharmacy, Michael Schmidt aka Michael Ommaha and Johanne LeForce continue to proffer, using the funds of the collective to do so? Time to make a stand in California! Don’t the this boat pass California by…

Your damn right the boat is leaving! My fear is that California has relied to much upon Medical Marijuana. It has served California well. However if the people of California don’t push harder for the complete legalization, it will be left behind. It don’t matter to me I am free to mover wherever the business is, but what about everyone else? California really shot its self in the foot with Medical Marijuana….

Now then, we think Richard is correct in his over all assessment and we do need to push forward here in California for the legalization of marijuana.  The population of California is far superior to either Colorado or Washington to say the least.  Will California lose residents to either of these two states? I truly believe we will even if it is a low amount we will still lose them and their money.  But not to fret, I believe California will jump on board really soon and better yet we will learn from what these two states have gone through along the way.  There is much regulation that needs to be discussed and reduced to paper.  The way we look at it now is how in the world are they really going to regulate it?  We are a bit dumbfounded as if you think about it…where do they even begin?

So to dumb it down a bit, we believe each state should have citizen committees which should convene on a regular basis so the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, the right hand meaning local government.  In this way, there are few secrets and everything is out in the open about the legalization of marijuana.  Once the committees meet, it will be very important that minutes are kept and documented correctly for reference.  Too, we believe the committee should consist of at least one police officer, not an administration police officer…but an everyday seasoned police officer who can be objective.  A police administrator will undoubtedly merely try and keep the peace with the committee and tell them what he/she thinks they want to hear and never really offer up objective information.  Also, we believe a member of the clergy should be a member for obvious reasons.  A member from a collective would be good to have on board as well.

Moving on, getting back to what Richard was saying, we must get on board.  Actually, California could start many committees now vs. then to keep up with Colorado & Washington.  This would greatly benefit the movement if nothing else.  Plus, like Richard says, we have the best crops right here in California and we need to keep the money here in our own state.  California will greatly benefit from the use of recreational marijuana. Think of all the jobs, wow!  It would be unmeasurable as it relates to unemployment, we believe unemployment would drop to 1% easily.  The revenue generated from the legalization of marijuana would be so great it would surely bring California out of debt for sure.  The products alone would be very beneficial to California residents as they can be used for other things such as oil, gas and electricity when you start looking at the deposits marijuana produces.  Meaning it is not just for medicinal purpose but for other resources as well.     It is not all about getting high!

As matter of fact, a lot of people whom I know personally merely use it on the weekends at home to relax.  To be quite honest about it, the people whom I know really like to use marijuana when they have sexual relations with their partners as they realize the maximum potential it offers up.  I say this to be real, there is no reason to lie.  But again, I can tell you of many people who have anxiety for example that smoke it and it really calms their nerves so they can at least function.  Not to get off track here, it is important that we come together as one and voice our opinion to our legislators to gain their support.  Remember, the people have spoken!  We get what we want!  As an American we protest through democracy and we vote because we are civilized, we talk out loud without fear of retribution…we are Americans!  Richard is right, we have each have to get off our duffs and speak out and not be afraid or we will lose residents & currency to boot. The legalization of marijuana is here to stay and it will not go away, so hopefully we can see some reform coming sooner than later.

There will be so many jobs in Colorado & Washington, I can promise you we will lose residents to each of these states.  Look at it this way, remember the gold rush?  Remember?  Yes, if we go back in history many settlers moved west to find the gold!  Surely, you remember?  Well, some got rich and some not…which will you be??? Of course, it is not all about is for the common decency of society.  However, if you are a business person you can see what I am saying here.  America needs jobs…good paying jobs…and if selling marijuana to people who need it for whatever purpose should be allowed.  Personally, I would open a collective today in California if I knew I wasn’t going to be arrested.  Meaning, I do not trust the government as they may try and set me up causing me to lose my life and life savings.  So, I will wait like everyone else.  Please tell me your thoughts, please post your comments here so we can see what you have to say…until next time…

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all has done for the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana dispensaries can survive with people like you who are simply doing your best to educate the public abroad about the legalization of marijuana. Thanks again, Val

  2. Colorado is now free! We have taken our state back and can now smoke marijuana in our own homes without fear of being arrested and thrown in jail. Obama himself has said the federal government has bigger fish to fry and that the people of Colorado have spoken and that recreational use of marijuana is now legal. Thank you for all your help and for keeping us informed along the way.

  3. I live CO and everything is cool here, I don’t think it has gotten out of hand at all. More and more businesses are popping up all over. I think CO will do well with marijuana as long as it regulated. The tax base will serve us well, and if can continue to do business within the constraints of the law we should be okay. But like any other business you will find people are always trying to get over on the system. Have a great day. Mr. T. Anthony

  4. Indeed. The War on Drugs was never really about the dangers of drugs per se. Rather, it provided a way to control the poor, minorities and non-conformists; a ready-made issue for demagogic politicians; funding to buy law enforcement votes; and, later, profit for private prison operators. The whole thing is sickening and an affront to decent people everywhere.

  5. Yes, finally we got it legalized! Thank you for all your articles and keeping us informed. I was wondering if California is going to get it legalized on the next ballot. I hope so, our state needs the tax money really bad. So many people are out of work, it would really be good for our state.

  6. We are so proud of Colorado and the people who made it all happen. I think we can see good things happen to our state with all the tax money coming in to help our schools and local governments get out of the mess the banks got us into with all those fake loans they handed out. Especially, Bank of American with those money hungry bastards taking our money giving us bogus loans knowing all along we couldn’t pay it back.

  7. Whoop! Colorado is now free to smoke! Thank you state government and thanks to the people for voting for the use of recreational marijuana. I see a lot of new store fronts getting ready to open, this will mean new jobs and more tax for our state. This is all great news, with regulation we can make it happen. Once we keep it legal and regulate it we can keep it clean and good for everyone. Thanks again,

  8. I just visited CO over the holidays and I was amazed how clean the state is. At first, I thought because of the marijuana law passing, there was going to be a lot crime but there was none. I was shocked how professional the cities are and how nice the people were there. I think I am all for marijuana, it looks harmless.

  9. Just a quick note, here in CO we are so excited and wanted to say thank you very much for all you have done to legalize marijuana. My husband just got a good job as a marijuana farmer and he is so elated, his who family is a line of farmers and now he can take over the tradition.

  10. Colorado is now starting to flourish, I can see it…people are happy and starting to make money… and best of all it looks like people are staying out of trouble and not getting to carried away with the marijuana sales. I guess if you can afford it then a store front would be the best thing to do. I am not sure where I will start..but I want it to all be legal. The cops are cool long as you go by the rules. Steve Brown III

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