Crowd funding Marijuana in High Demand

Written by CEO-Founder Kevin Faler
Research by Senior Editor Mercedes Varela

“Crowd funding Marijuana in High Demand.” Yes it is going viral!  Investors are scurrying in every direction to find their special niche in the marijuana industry.  Most investors are not so interested in the harvesting of marijuana or selling of marijuana as they are in the marijuana accessories.  Marijuana accessories are viable tangible products which are legal in every direction and the mark up is staggering.  The profit margin is a whopping 500% easy on any given day.  For would be investors the thought is how much better can it be?  Well, perhaps a lot better as the sky is the limit when it comes to the manufacturing of marijuana accessories.  In the United States there are countless professional glass blowers who can pump out an exorbitant amount of bongs, pipes, bubblers or whatever you want at a very reasonable wholesale price.  See our Facebook page.

Investors are desperately seeking marijuana accessories, however, a lot of the manufactures & distributors are operating underground and because of this it is somewhat difficult to contact them.  The reason for the underground business dealings is because of past laws in which law enforcement would sometimes harass the entities with the dislike for the efforts of supporters of marijuana.  So then, manufacturers & distributors went by word of mouth in effort to market their underground accessories.  Today, most online marijuana accessory sites are bogus or out of the country, thus, making the site untrustworthy.  Most investors are looking for manufacturers & distributors right here in the good ole U.S.A.



There is excitement on all four corners of the earth. People are looking for all kinds of investments such as, “The Culture High” found on an online crowd funding site.  Although is old and dated now it is one of the first of its kind and still holds some juice today. Currently, there are literally hundreds of crowd funding sites online today which boast much better percentages and deals for the would be investors.  Crowd funding of marijuana is the next wave of money ready to fill the lining of eager  investors from around the world.  The age old problem still exists though and that is marijuana start up businesses are slow in coming and it is mostly due to un-written law which must catch up. Once it does then people will know where they stand and can move forward with opening up businesses, inventing marijuana accessories, growing marijuana and the like.



For the investor, well it seems as though it is a research project for now since the investor has some time to shop around it will be enable a sure thing versus some fly by night start up which didn’t gather much traction.  Investors are vying for the chance to come up with the first accessory to sell by the millions.  The mouth watering domain name is currently hot in the news as the umbrella or grand daddy of all domain names since it will rank number one on Google with the proper search engine optimization.

If you are interested in investing in please email:

Remember, this is a multi-billion dollar industry ripe & ready to hit the ground running.  It is a no brainer with a 500% mark up on accessories.  We invite you to do your own research and see for yourself!  Did you miss out on a boon in  your life time and look back and say to yourself, “man I should have invested!”  Did  you invest in Google stocks when they were 10.00 a share?  Hopefully you did, but if not well here is your second chance…and by the way Crowd Funding Marijuana will sweep America…



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