The Drug Enforcement Agency is tasked with changing cannabis from a scheduled drug to none at all.  If this were to occur then everything will undoubtedly change, especially in the State of California.  A task force is set to enter into discussions later this year in order to make it all work.  It comes at a time where Obama is leaving office and the State of California citizenry will vote on an upcoming ballot to recreational the use of cannabis.  This crucial time will be a pivoting motion for the law to change across the board in where federal authorities will no longer have the authority to enforce certain laws as it pertains to enforcement.  You have to remember, it is what the people want and if they want the law changed it will happen!  The State of California is in serious debt with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. With the sale of cannabis it will open the flood gates for new businesses to thrive and place a viable job market on the map in where all can do well in life.

It is important to realize we have to not only be responsible but accountable as well.  Meaning, there has to be some type of regulation in order to make it fair across the board and for the safety of mankind.  In other words, it wouldn’t be a good idea if the police or firefighters were smoking cannabis while on duty, they have a job to do like everyone else and must be responsible. Right now, the big question and or concern by the police is “drugged drivers” and how they will enforce something that has so little curtailing evidence to prove up in a court of law.  After all, once it is in your system it could be present in the body for up to 30 days from once consumed, so that does not mean the person is under the influence. Although, I understand the point of view by the police there are equally other concerns in where they should place their energy.  For firefighters, they’re going to field extra calls for service for people who are not use to consuming cannabis and may believe they have to summon the fire department for rescue purposes.  However, over time people will understand there are no worries and to remain calm if they over consume and take responsibility to educate themselves on the use of cannabis.

The D.E.A. may disagree with changes of the law as most of their writings state cannabis is a gateway drug to more harder drugs and that cannabis has no value medically.  Again, I understand their traditionally way of thinking but there needs to be more science and technology driven experiments in order further educate people. Remember, we can argue it until the end of time but we all know alcohol is far worse than cannabis, all you have to do is look at statistical data complied over years of science and technology experiments.  No, you should not drive or operate heavy equipment before and or while consuming cannabis.  We must use our heads here, there is a time to work hard and support ourselves and families then there is a time to live life on the weekends.  I am not trying to be a big fail here, I am merely trying to get you to think before you act.  The police will expect us to be responsible as they will certainly hold each of us accountable for our actions.  Nevertheless, people are people and will likely do dumb things to get themselves into trouble or partake in some type of behavior outside their character and when that happens the D.E. A.  will point there finger and say, “I told you so!”  But again, that is like anything else in life….if you run a stop sign you may cause an accident….if you skip your college classes you will probably fail….if you eat junk food all day you’ll probably get fat.

Anyway, you get my point!  Please vote for the recreational use of cannabis in the State of California and start thinking on what type of business you can run legally and finally make the money you’ve always wanted to support yourself and family so you can step up in life!  Oh, and for those of you who do not want to gamble then don’t go to the casino…..for those of you who do not want to drink alcohol don’t go to the liquor store….for those of you who do not want to smoke don’t go to the smoke shop….for those of you who do not want to eat pork don’t buy bacon….for those of you who want to smoke cannabis….well you just may have your chance to do it legally in the privacy of your own home without fear or retribution from the government.

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