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Contact your politician

Email your politician

I truly believe each politician should not be voted in for a second or more terms if they fail or refuse to assist the people in what it is they really want.  If the people tell you they want a law written in effort to legalize recreational use of marijuana then it would seem to me the politicians should not only listen but take action.  It is been way to many years to further ignore the issue.  People are suffering since they can’t legally purchase the medicinal marijuana for their pain.  If you are in pain and you can not afford medication then please reach out to your local politician to see what they can do for you, after all that is what they get paid for.  Remember, Americans make the laws not the Federal government.

Email your Politician

Email your Politician

Take that necessary step and search for your local politician on the internet, I am sure you can find them and send them an email or two…this way they will know you exist and will surely listen to you.  If nobody ever emails them or calls they can only guess what it is the people want.  Please do not make them guess, just email or call them…..this will be a big step.  If you post on FB or any other social networking site….then you should also take the time to email your local politician.  It is called support and networking together as a team not an individual.  If we are to continue with our movement then everyone must participate in some capacity to make it work as a democracy.  America is free, America is strong, America is vibrant….Our goal is to help you and every other American but we too need your support in our cause.  The movement is very powerful. Listed below are some help factor in which will assist you in contacting some good resources to get you started:

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I write about Recreational Marijuana, Contact Legalize & Support The Movement. I'm a huge advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, "Support The Movement" time that is the future as a nation to help regulate laws and the safe use of recreational marijuana, giving you the best of the best type of experience. When it comes down to the type of regulation you want to hear about, I'm the guy that will put you in the state of "Deep Thinking"

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