President Barack Obama has some big changes coming about in his administration.  One notable member of the cabinet that does plan to stay on for at least the near future is Attorney General Eric Holder.  This is significant for the marijuana reform movement.  A few more changes for President Obama, he is going to get a new Treasury Secretary, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense.  Eric is the individual primarily responsible for dealing with the federal/state conflict regarding marijuana law. He not only provides legal advice to the President, but as the head of the Department of Justice he controls much of the federal law enforcement apparatus including the FBI and DEA. In addition, the Attorney General has the power to reschedule drugs, including marijuana, without Congressional involvement. Keep in mind, Eric is a mere attorney in a good position to make changes such as mentioned.  If he was wise, he would entertain the thought of legalizing marijuana with strict regulation.  After all, the people make the laws not the Federal government.

Having Eric remain in his current position is probably not great news for the marijuana reform movement. He has proven not to be a friend of the movement and this is where has to disagree with Eric.  In fact, he has aggressively fought against state medical marijuana programs trying to undermine them on several fronts. It appears the federal government does not get it, if they did then you would see more communication between them and officials on the state level. can pretty much tell you where this is all headed…eventually the people will change and amend current laws for the use of recreational marijuana abroad forcing the federal government to conform.  Why?  Well simply put, the people make the laws and the people control the state & federal government this is partly identified through Amendment 10 of the U.S. Constitution.

While the Obama administration seems to be slightly altering its public stance towards Cannabis reform following the recent passage of the legalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington, it is normally unusual to see significant course changes at large bureaucracies without a change of leadership.

However, you never know, as it looks the Obama administration may come to their senses and lighten up on the prosecution of recreational use of marijuana.  Plus, just to let you know there are many law enforcement officers who back the use of recreational marijuana, take a look at it is a website where you can find many active and retired high ranking officials who back the marijuana reform laws.  We realize the federal government can be stubborn after all they work for the people and the laws were made by the people and for the people.  Again, remember many laws have been overturned over the years as things in life change and we certainly believe it is time for a change..  Wake up America!  It is our land and our people…and we make the laws…and we can change the laws…whenever appropriate…

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