Multi-billionaire Sean Parker invests in California Ballot

Ex-Facebook President, Sean Parker, who is reportedly worth a whopping 2.5 Billion according to articles published  by Forbes has reportedly paid big bucks toward the up coming California initiative this year.  Remember when Sean and Mark Zuckerberg worked on Facebook inside Mark’s SoCal home?  You realize, Sean, is the co-founder of Napster, right? Sean brought his Napster skills to Facebook working along side Mark to make things come alive!  Sean, who is now enjoying his successes in life has again stepped up as the mogul we all know him as and has invested in what will be termed another seventh world wonder….. if the initiative passes it will make history forevermore!  It is very important if  you support the legalization of recreational marijuana in the State of California that you and your friends get out there and vote.  It is not hard, in fact, if you’ve never voted it is really simple.  If you have not registered to vote, you can still vote….merely visit your nearest voting poll near your home or work and walk in and tell them you want to sign up.  It is as easy at that!  Plus, you’ll feel great when you vote and later realize your vote counts!

If you’re one of those who doesn’t vote then perhaps if the initiative fails you will then realize how important your vote really is to society as we know it. Don’t let me pressure you here, we all have the opportunity to vote or not vote, however, we would ask for your support.  You and your friends can blast it out over social media and make things come alive just like Sean does!  In a sense, Sean is backing all of us here because if we can get it passed just think of all the good things to come!  California’s unemployment rate would diminish to an all time low, people would be starting businesses all over the place, taxes would fill the coffers, the crime rate would surely go down, our schools would be replenished with new Ipads for the students, we would have nicely paved streets, nicely cemented sidewalks, new street lights and landscapes.  The homeless could find shelter and good jobs and get back into the mainstream of things.  Please vote!…….

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