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FBI arrests Federal Agent for Marijuana, breaking news the United States Federal Government, U.S. Immigration division arrested Agent Aaron Anaya for allegedly smuggling 147 pounds of Mexican stink weed over from the Country of Mexico through the Southwest Arizona border.  Boy is he in trouble! Aaron Anaya was on patrol Sunday evening when he stopped along the international border, then loaded up several bundles of marijuana that had been dropped over the fence from Mexico, according to the complaint filed this week in federal court in Arizona. What was the Federal Agent thinking? Southwest Border Corruption unit was on to Agent Anaya when through air surveillance they caught him loading up his border patrol truck with several bales of marijuana dumped over the fence from Mexico.

Legalize marijuana


FBI agents who were assigned to the corruption unit trailed Agent Anaya for several hours until he returned to his normal patrol duty.  That’s when FBI agents pounced on one of their own and arrested Agent Anaya with three black duffel bags stuffed with weed totaling a whopping 147 lbs.  Agent Anya according to arrest reports was charged with possession with the intent to deliver and possession of firearms while committing such a crime.  We were wondering if he will ever be convicted of the lesser?  Anyway, it is a shame a federal agent sworn to protect our borders would commit such a crime.  Was it for personal use?  Well, we doubt that very seriously.

legalize marijuana


The way the court looks at it he would not be able to make such a claim due to the amount in question.  Moreover, would Agent Anaya try and say he was merely on patrol and found the marijuana and was going to place it into evidence later?  Nobody really knows but it is this kind of speculation that gets the bad guy off in court.  Agent Anaya will have to appear in Federal Court on Federal charges. Now then we oppose such activity by our law enforcement officers but the caveat here is he was on duty and that is a big no no.

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