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Is Cannabis Dangerous, where do you get your marijuana?  Do you trust the person you get it from?  Are you buying it from a dispensary?  Or, due to being a non-marijuana patient are you buying it off the streets?  These are are all valid questions but the reason I bring it up is the fact safety is first and foremost.  I am sure we all realize this is an age old issue since you can get it from a personal connection, group of people or perhaps a large house party.  If you do not know the origin of the cannabis you may want to think twice about taking that hit.  Why?  Well, you have to remember if you buy it off the street as an example the low level street peddler may not be the most honest.  So, if the person is not honest you can bet they have an agenda. Besides, do you really want to smoke marijuana which you don’t even know where it came from?  The scary part here is the dealer or better termed connection certainly wants you to come and buy from him as you either are a reoccurring customer or a new potential customer.




Over the years, there have been many cases where people will, “lace” marijuana with another substance such as amphetamines, heroin or other dangerous narcotics.  This is secretly done in effort to cause an addiction so you will surely return to that particular connection.  Once you are addicted, you will continue to go back for more and more…and it really isn’t the marijuana you are addicted to but rather whatever the marijuana was laced with.  This unfortunately has happened many times and their is really no way you can stop it.  It is all about doing business underground since it is not legal in most states or…. even if it is legal…it can still happen.  Most victims never thought about these issues before consuming cannabis, thus, causing serious reactions outside of their character.  In order to protect yourself from tainted cannabis please check out some of these websites in order to educate yourself:



Now you may say, well the listed links do not offer much information but if you were to go back and look you will see “forum” on the menu bar and once you go there you will see a plethora of information. is a great place to chat with over 2000 members in the Facebook page… has a blog where you could find some very interesting articles which may offer some guidance.  Too, if you were to go to you will see many topics on cannabis where you can further educate yourself.  If you are one of those people in life who takes chances and really think these sites will not help you …I must tell you doom is upon you.  It is very smart to do some basic research before consuming cannabis without knowing their effects or whom you obtained the substance from. Please do not get us wrong here, but it is very important to us that you are safe and take all precautions in order to protect yourself.

Remember, once more & more states legalize cannabis, you will see cartels and other criminal minded people become greedy and try savvy business moves in order to cash in….no matter who gets hurt… So, please think before you act and we hope you understand where we are going with this stern article…it is because we care…and we are being real…


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