Is Mexico’s top drug lord, Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman dead?  It was reported that he may be dead after a fierce shootout in the deep jungles of Mexico City. [more…]The firefights involved Mexican drug traffickers and either a rival gang or Guatemalan military forces, reports from the scene said. The shooting took place in the vast Peten region where Mexican traffickers set up their drug operation in the trenches to avoid exposure of their illegal operation and murderous rampage.  There is no actual accounting of who was killed or how many from either side, however, sources say it was a vicious fight and perhaps something you would have experienced if you were in the deep jungles with swamp rice patties… of the Vietnam war in the early seventies. The smell of blood in the air with mosquitos buzzing around in the stench of the thick humid air.

Chapo is reported to rule the oldest, “Sinola” drug cartel in the Country of Mexico. And considered the most vicious murdering cowards on the face of the earth.  After all, anyone could probably kill someone in the deep woods of the jungle and get away with it.  Chapo is nothing more than a punk drug dealer who is weak….. and merely has control based on his wealth collected over the years from the sales of illegal drug sales, particularly cocaine and heroin.  He has been a fugitive from justice since he escaped from a maximum-security prison in 2001, supposedly by hiding in a laundry cart, however, this has never been confirmed.  Most likely he paid off some corrupt guards who freed him for some chump change.  Guzman has routinely been listed by Forbes magazine as among the world’s richest people in the world.

His latest wife, Emma Coronel, 22-year-old beauty queen, recently gave birth to twin girls in the Los Angeles area.  Yes, that is correct…she lives in Los Angeles!  It is nuts but I guess, he is probably dead so she is probably broke with two young babies…how terrible…does she tell her kids her daddy was a murdering drug dealer who was killed in somewhere in the deep jungles of Mexico, trying to shoot it out with who knows who?  U.S. and Mexican authorities have a $5-million-plus bounty on Chapo’s head. The search for Chapo has reached near mythic proportions, with reported sightings and Hollywood-style near-missed captures. The Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre quoted that country’s interior minister, Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, as saying that forensic teams were traveling to the location to attempt to identify any dead and determine whether Chapo was among them.

The Associated Press quoted an Interior Ministry spokeswoman as saying one of the dead apparently resembled Chapo. But was it really Joaquin Chapo Guzman?  “We cannot say it with certainty, but it might be him,” Lopez said, according to Prensa Libre. The capture or killing of Chapo has long been the Holy Grail of the Mexican drug war, akin to eliminating an Al Capone or a John Dillinger. His demise could throw the Sinaloa cartel, which has hundreds of cells in California and other parts of the United States, into disarray, although it is also likely that the savvy businessman has established a clear line of succession. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, asked as he left an event whether Guzman had been killed in the gun battle, said he was in contact with Guatemalan authorities to establish the identities of the dead. “We still don’t have any information,” he said. Prensa Libre said at least three people were killed in the skirmish, which it described as a clash between rival drug gangs.

[more…] is sketch on this entire report about Chapo, we think it is a strong possability he may have been captured and is now in a federal witness protection program somewhere in Mizzoula Montana.  Chapo would be the key to the decentralization of drugs in the Country of Mexico.  Or, perhaps he is still alive and hiding in a different country in an attempt to elude authorities who have been chasing him to the four corners of the earth.  Of course, there are other thoughts we have such as he was hunted down by the DEA and killed to never be seen again. One question we have is why in the heck would the guy who allegedly escaped from prison in 2001 even go back into the drug trade if he already has millions of dollars?  Literally makes no sense other than pure greed… We appreciate your feedback please assert our American right and let us know what you think about Chapo…is he still alive?  Is he living in Hollywood?

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