[lightbox link=”#”][/lightbox]Legalize® cannabis startups!  Yes, the craze has spread nationwide in the United States and abroad.  Many entrepreneurs are scurrying the internet in order to find out what trends are coming to life. We all know that it has been a battle to legalize cannabis throughout the United States but all the hard work seems to have paid off. Most police agencies agree, it is time to knock it off and stop prosecuting people who possess small amounts of cannabis and that cannabis is basically harmless.  Of course, there are those staunch haters out there who are calling cannabis a gateway drug, well I would venture to say they too cannot prove up such ideology. In California, 2016 will be the year we will find out if the citizens will approve the use of recreational marijuana. If the people vote for it,  you will see California thrive, with new sidewalks, streetlights, street improvements, better trained law enforcement and lower taxes.  Why? Well, simply said, with the sale of cannabis the tax base will stuff the coffers with enough money for California to pull out of the mess they’re in as we speak.

It’s no secret, the silent majority may not agree so much with the legal use of recreational marijuana but I can tell you they too are partakers and really do want to see the passage of the law.  Problem is they do not want to come out publicly and endorse it because of the stigma behind it all.  However, the voter knows when they’re at the polls nobody can see what your individual vote is for and with that being said many people will pencil in the “yes” vote to make it happen.  After all, conservatives, republicans and the democrats know the tax base on cannabis will be in the multi-millions and if passed you will see California come alive.  Cannabis related businesses will pop up all over the place, not just with the sale of cannabis but cannabis clothing, cannabis jewelry, cannabis edibles.  Stop! Think about if for one cool minute! If the great citizens of California pass the law for the use of recreational marijuana the taxes could be used to bail out  our schools and our teachers could be the real educators they truly are.  Our kids will have the best Ipads, computers and technology the world has ever seen.  Thus, making our kids super intelligent and push for dominance over all other countries.

You may ask the question about kids getting a hold of marijuana.  Well, that’s something our government can regulate just like the sale of alcoholic beverages and or gambling.  Let’s talk about gambling for a moment.  Remember, when the Indian gaming casinos were illegal? Remember, when we all voted to legalize them?  Well, it holds the same for legalizing cannabis.  If you do not want to gamble do not go to the Indian casinos.  If you do not agree with alcoholic beverages do not go to the liquor store. So then, it is really not difficult to make these types of decisions.  Back to gambling.  Again, if you think about it for a cool minute, think of all the millions of dollars in taxes collected from the Indian casinos.  The tax dollars are staggering to say the least.  People realize if we did not vote for legalizing gambling, we would all take our money to the State of Nevada to Las Vegas! So, what’s happened is now we keep our tax dollars in California, thus, we see the fruits.

American citizens are money makers, we have big dreams of making it and we all know there is an untapped industry within the cannabis field.  I personally know many investors who have truck loads of money who are willing to spend their money in investing in cannabis.  However, they’re going to do it legally and once the law passes you will be completely shocked how many store fronts, factory’s, manufactures are going to pop up all over the place.  Hemp will go wild, you will see major block long factories thriving by placing textiles in the stream of commerce.  If we get pass the law of recreational use of marijuana you will see our unemployment drop to nearly zero.  Everybody will be working and at a good solid rate of pay as well.  Will California people go to pot?  No, as matter of fact people will probably be more responsible than ever.  Yes, there will be people who are not responsible but that is normal as  we do not live in a perfect world.  Anyone who consumes marijuana will tell you it is a heck of a lot better than alcohol and hasn’t killed anyone!

Getting back to cannabis startups, I can tell you it is such a hot industry people are bumping into each other not really knowing where it is all going.  People are selling cannabis seeds online, people are selling vaporizers like crazy, people are starting cannabis clubs all over creation, people are making cannabis clothing, people are making cannabis jewelry, people are producing their own cannabis television programs.  I can keep going and going with all the startups happening underground as we speak. Yes, it is because people want to make money. That is what we do in life, we look to be successful and profit along the way. There is noting wrong with working hard to make a buck.  We’re not talking about making money from operating a dispensary for medical marijuana, in where, the patient has to pay out.  I am talking about building phone apps where people can use to find cannabis, or find legal assistance in the area of cannabis and similar startups that are thriving.

Startups can be tricky and a lot of people do not know where to start, well we can help and guide you…just shoot us an email!

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