has purchased WeedNews.Tv a  news site covering humor & comedy among other epic marijuana updates.  The site is currently under construction and not anticipated to launch until the early part of 2013.  But wait, don’t fret! It is coming soon… With cellular phone technology at an all time high, streaming video has become a favorite for smartphone  users. seized the opportunity to snap up the domain name WeedNews.Tv in order to capture the attention of viewers for a different perspective.  In order to stay in tune with streaming video technology we decided to be real and go for a new way of reaching out to the people.

Our vision is one of patience, however, we are excited to get this bad boy up and running as soon as we possibly can.  Ya know really, anyone can do a video but that is a bit weak, we would like to tweak the industry and go out on a limb and be the next TMZ…..and with the proper funding and some quick thinking we can pull it off.  The cost factor for real time video is rather expensive and can be very time consuming.  “In looking at our alternatives.” If we were to produce it underground like one of those “B” rated videos it may bring exposure but if we edit “R” rated videos it  will attract an entirely different audience.  At this point, a segment of news related stories would be introduced then some punch lines for humor and comedy with a late night emphasis, early morning emphasis and even a steamy afternoon segment.  This is all breaking news for us, so we are sure things will change over time …so mum is the word for now.

We would like to invite you to post your comments and let us know what exactly you would like to see on WeedNews.Tv or if you have any other suggestions.  Who knows, maybe you will be starred on WeedNews.Tv!  We solicit comments from our viewers regularly in order to reap the benefits our loyal viewers bring forward.  We welcome all comments good or bad and encourage you to participate.  The online video usage figures show the usual suspects in top place, but with a couple of more surprising entries into the top 10. YouTube are as usual cemented into that top position showing 8.5 billion video streams, this is around 10 times more than the number 2 entry, catch up tv service Hulu.

The total number of streams was 14.5 billion, up by 31.5% for January. Viewing time averages hit 279 minutes which was also an impressive increase of 45%.

The top ten was breached by a couple of young upstarts, namely Netflix (3) and music video site VEVO (9). Netflix certainly came out best, as they are the only pay service in the top ten. And they were also watched longer, with average views of over 11 hours viewing from home and the office. Although they are still miles away from Youtube, their growth rate is much higher.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice articles. I realize marijuana reform is not an easy task and as a patient I really need my meds for my pain. When I see the strides has made makes me happy for others.

  2. will be a big hit, I can’t wait to see how you roll it out. I think a simple online video series would be cool if you can find the right characters.

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