Welcome to Legalize.co a streaming marijuana news site sweeping America.  Yes, Legalize.co is a new website informing you of the most updated information available.  Today is a very trying day in 2012 as we continue to fight forward for the legalization of recreational marijuana for all America.  Some may say it is an endless battle but we do not think the way others do, besides as Americans we are told at an early age not to give up and do things legally to get what you want.  So then, we know what we want and we are going after it legally and will not stop until we prevail.  This is not rocket science, it is merely a question for the people, yes, if put it to the voter then we shall see who prevails.  Every group or activist for or against can pitch their own propaganda but who knows maybe we will come out a head.

If you notice here I am not bringing up the crippled or the victim of some deadly disease….I am merely saying lets vote on it and see where it takes us.  Seems to me all the talking has already been done for the most part.  We are ready to move forward and push this movement to the limit.  After all, it is time we stopped playing games with all the politicians and congress as a whole…it is just time to place it on a federal level vote where each state can say yes or no.  Plus, I was thinking maybe we could have a moratorium where as an example if the vote did not pass then a 5 year limit would be placed in law where the ballot could not come up again until the expiration of the 5  years.  Of course, this is only a suggestion.  Why?

Well, in this way just maybe federal law enforcement would have a little faith and trust in what we are doing.  You see, there is only so many federal law enforcement officers and they are paid employee’s so they can only do so much to quash any uprising anyways.  The D.E.A. is a good organization but getting pretty old now and not much funding goes their way in today’s world.  Personally, I like the D.E.A. – Drug Enforcement Agency which has a very serious job to do.  Also, I believe they to understand that marijuana is not as dangerous as most prosecutors would  have you believe.  The drug cartels are growing marijuana in mass in order to import it to the U.S. for the money.  Yes, the Country of Mexico is now known to kill people in great multitudes because of their drug war.  However, I see greed and dis-organized drug peddlers trying to make a name for themselves in a corrupt country with noway out.

Yes, crime is wide spread but we have murders galore in our own country which are not even drug related.  So then, again, I do not want to ramble here but we need to do some serious thinking here and get it done so it can be regulated.  If you ask me, the collectives are doing fine as long as they go by the rules.  They run every day operations and everything seems fine until they do something dumb like sell to a minor or sell scheduled narcotics out of the store.  We have all heard about these same dummies who make all the collectives look bad.  Hopefully, we can hold the responsible and accountable.  Please check back for our next news from abroad…

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I write about Recreational Marijuana, Contact Legalize & Support The Movement. I'm a huge advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, "Support The Movement" time that is the future as a nation to help regulate laws and the safe use of recreational marijuana, giving you the best of the best type of experience. When it comes down to the type of regulation you want to hear about, I'm the guy that will put you in the state of "Deep Thinking"

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  1. I do believe it is beyond time to allow the consumption of canibus I also believe we should look at the benefits it provides as an industrial product The fact of the matter is as an industry it can provide many products that we currently import and could produce here The list of products is very long and should be taken into account There is no reason for us to continue to deny this The Paper, Alcohol, tobbacco, Timber and petroleum oil industry in america are highly against the legalization as they feel they would be removed which is not the case they can grow the product on land they own use their refineries to produce the oil the cotton industry can do this as well the timber will still need managed and supply would keep the prices in check (there would be no need to clear cut but rather to selectivly log for the timber) Jobs would actually be created not lost we would not need to destroy our world for the sake of oil or be held hostage by other countries to pay their prices per barrel of crude I could go on for pages about the benefits and i think it is time we as a country look at them I also believe there are very few people who don’t have their lives touched by the product now in some way (we all know someone that smokes it grows it is in jail for it ) isn’t it time to quit destroying our people and our nation When this country was founded it was mandatory for all property owners to produce hemp for the nation It makes the best Paper, Cloth, fiberboard available Please help focus on the benefits of hemp outside of medical and or recreational Also year to date world wide there is not one person died from Hemp ( yes many have died from the sale growth etc not the consumption ) you can not say that about alcohol tobacco or any other drug there is (people die from penicillian yet the Dr still prescribes it So the pharmacy companys do not want it legal yet we hear everyday about the Bad Drug that you or a loved one took and died from It is absolutley rediculous that we do not make use of this product You can buy cigarettes and alcohol at any corner store and we know they are deadly so why keep a plant illegal when it has no death potential and massive health and economic possibilities PLEASE FOCUS ON ALL THE BENEFITS AND END THE STUPIDITY Thank you

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