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 Legalize.LA® reports:  The image above you can see the excitement in Colorado…can you imagine Los Angeles? Get ready Los Angeles!  We’re excited to announce we are now the proud owners of Legalize.LA an online movement to change the laws in the great State of California for the use of recreational use of marijuana come 2016.  Our goal is to reach millions of people within the next 24 months before the we see the ballot race come about.  In the meantime, we will be reaching out to our broad network of cannabis supporters and related cannabis companies not only in California but internationally as well. It is time to get super excited and spread the word about the new vision for our great state.  Once the laws are changed on the state level for the use of recreational use of marijuana you will surely see major start up businesses popping up all over Los Angeles  and California in general.  Cannabis investors are already waiting in line!  How do we know?  Easy, they know us and we know them!  Cannabis investors have truck loads of money and are willing to invest in marijuana accessories any day of the weak regardless if any laws are passed, however, if the laws are passed it will be like chum in the water, we are already in a frenzy and it is going to be sheer madness to see what businesses make it to the top!

Currently, in California there is an underground movement made up of many businesses, business people, blue and white collar workers who are supporting this movement in effort to get this bill on the 2016 ballot.  If  you look back in 2012, a similar bill was on the ballot which nearly passed but failed by very few numbers.  Why?  Well, no one knows for sure but it is rumored the more tactical approach was to allow the states of  Colorado and Washington to forward first, in this way geographically, California could model themselves after those two states saving millions of dollars in research.  Now then, although we suspect there are many other factors the hype now is we are more than ready to go forward.  The states of Colorado and Washington are perfect models for us to piggy back on, with many strides within the government already laid out.  Please join us on our journey to spread the word!

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