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Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana


There is much controversy over the fact if whether or not marijuana cures cancer and if you search the internet you can see many experiments and litmus tests which give credence to the answers. Our mission is to keep in touch with the people and for the people and that is the reason we generated this petition.  You will see the link where you can review the petition for yourself. The petition is a little vague as you are only given so much space to write.  More importantly, we need 25,000 signatures and that takes some doing.  We would appreciate it if you would forward this email and or copy the link and send it to your family & friends for maximum exposure.  Too, you can proxy your email box and have it sent to all your contacts.

For additional exposure the petition can be placed on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Linkedin to name a few social networking sites. Please keep in mind this is our first petition and there will be more to come as we are not in the business of failing rather we are in the business to succeed.  As Americans we have the right to petition, as Americans we have the right to be heard, as Americans we have the right to succeed, as Americans we have the right to freedom of expression.  We are the people, we make the laws not the government.  We are a free America….

Legalization of marijuana government petition

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I write about Recreational Marijuana, Contact Legalize & Support The Movement. I'm a huge advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, "Support The Movement" time that is the future as a nation to help regulate laws and the safe use of recreational marijuana, giving you the best of the best type of experience. When it comes down to the type of regulation you want to hear about, I'm the guy that will put you in the state of "Deep Thinking"

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