Licensing marijuana delivery drivers seems to be swirling around in the mind of lawmakers as more and more deliveries are being conducted everyday.  Since the Federal Government has taken a negative stance against marijuana collectives this appears to be another futile attempt to get at the hearts of medical marijuana patients.[more…]  The government is considering having all marijuana delivery drivers to have a special stamp and or code placed on their drivers license in an attempt to identify them as medical marijuana delivery persons.  Now then, this may not seem to be to bad by the looks of it but there are certainly constitutional rights to the expectation of privacy.  It begs the question, why would the Federal Government even care?  Well, we are not sure but we know they are eager to identify anyone selling, distributing, transporting or even asking for donations to medical marijuana deliveries.

There is not much to report here as we have slim details but it looks like there is a movement to thwart the effort of the medical marijuana deliveries nationwide.  Realistically, since the Federal Government has taken unusual steps to close down medical marijuana collectives and send innocent people to prison for silly crimes has decided to switch gears.  The reason for this is their scare tactic did not work and now they have to come up with something different as they surely know the people will not stand for it much longer. Currently, along the same topic the States of Colorado & Washington are currently drafting new law as it relates to medical marijuana deliveries.

The purpose for this is because the Federal Government is attempting to control the borders of both states so no deliveries will come in or go out beyond the legalized states.  Many medical marijuana delivery services are  using car wraps to further advertise their business, however, we must say this could bring trouble with the criminal element and or over zealous law enforcement, but that would be a entirely new story to report.  Here we are merely bringing this to the attention of the American people!   We will keep you informed as the news comes in on this relevant issue.  If you have any information about this topic please contact us.

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