In the beginning, there was no name, no storefront and no growers. Four friends began a conversation on where to get medical marijuana for a family member suffering from cancer. That was the beginning. We started growing out of a garage and as the rules and regulations grew so did our hopes and dreams of helping people with pain management. Using our savings, selling luxury items, maxing out credit cards and tightening our boot straps we made our dreams a reality, Chronic Therapy was born. Chronic Therapy was created in 2010 and has grown to a small, family run business where our number one goal is to help people with pain management and provide top quality MMJ at affordable prices. Chronic Therapy currently owns and operates a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and a State of the Art organic grow facility located in Wheat Ridge CO. On 5/19/14 Chronic Therapy opened its doors to recreational customers and is now serving everyone 21+.

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