[more…]Man arrested after posting marijuana video, William Bradley of Clinton, Connecticut posted his marijuana garden on Youtube.com.[more…]  William’s video shows him walking through a pot garden in which he attempted solicit donations in effort to give more marijuana away.  Of course, he gave his name and address on the video so it was easy for the police to track him down and affect an arrest.  William who purportedly has terminal cancer said he just wanted to help others who are suffering from likewise diseases as well.  Police charged him with possession of about two pounds of marijuana, 20 grams of hashish and a couple of small bags of cocaine.  Legalize.co is keeping balance here on this story, we believe if what William says is true we are of course heart felt for him and believe he truly thought he was doing the only thing he knew how to do while in the state of mind he was in at the time.

This type of behavior by terminally ill people will spark all types of reactions but in the scheme of things we believe William was merely trying to help mankind.  Now then, we do believe there were other ways of doing what he did but nevertheless, William is hurting inside and was merely reaching out to others to extend some type of help.  Those of you who may have known or do know a person with terminal cancer it is no secret it is very painful and most tell us all hope is lost and people cannot relieve the tremendous amount of excruciating pain that comes with being stricken with cancer.  Overall, we wish William the best but as it looks he is probably doomed…literally.  Our shout out to people is please consider how William was thinking at the time, in his mind he probably had nothing to lose and figured neither does anyone else who has the lethal terminal cancer strife.

According to William’s father,  he said William refuses to give up and even his own doctors would not prescribe marijuana for his extreme pain.  So, no wonder William in a sense went off the deep end and grew his own marijuana. The police in Clinton, Connecticut have charged William with possession with the intent to deliver and operating a drug factory. Williams 46 years of age remains in jail on the aforementioned charges.  The video William placed on Youtube.com appears to be a homemade type vid in where it was obvious he was doing what he set out to do and that was to get the attention of the public at large.  Jumping ahead, it is important to realize there are many patients who frequent medical marijuana dispensaries in effort to get their meds on a daily basis. We must continue to fight to keep these dispensaries open all across the U.S.  Here is the crux of the problem as we see it in William’s case, we all must obey the laws of the land, hopefully the district attorney will have some compassion for a terminally ill man who only set out to do something he thought was right.  After all, his doctors had failed him and he was obviously suffering mentally during this stressful period in his life.  William says in his video he isn’t thinking straight due to a head injury and pleads for people to  help him and actually says he does not want to do anything illegal.  It would seem to us instead of the police arresting William, they would have had some compassion for him and took him for medical help…but instead they arrested him presumably placing him in a a cold jail cell all alone…..Remember, as Americans we are innocent until proven guilty!


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