Marijuana Dispensaries now in competition!  Yes, it is true there are many marijuana dispensaries which are fighting to stay on top by advertising on, however, is losing control?  Well, there are many other marijuana mapping sites available now, so as it looks is losing business to other marijuana directories.  For a long time now, has had the monopoly when it comes to the advertising king for marijuana advertisement. charges an exorbitant amount of money for a mere listing and that really adds up at the end of the year when looking at the good ole profit margin. [more…] Many marijuana dispensaries are already established and really do not even need anymore as they have an established customer base or patient base.

Seems as though, the thought of a medical marijuana dispensary was suppose to be for a medical patient to have a location where he/she could go and purchase medical prescribed marijuana without fear of legalities. has cashed in on the medical marijuana industry as a whole.  Has given back to the community?  We truly cannot answer yes or no.  But this article is not to bag on and to let it be known we consider them a friendly within the industry.  But here is the crux of the problem.  Medical marijuana dispensaries are plentiful now and with online delivery services popping up everywhere, it is hurting the profits of the medical marijuana storefronts. Plus, speaking about weed delivery there are plenty to choose from such as:

Now then, this is to just name a few…it took me 2 minutes to pull the websites off the internet.  So, my thoughts with all these directories and dispensaries in competition with one another who comes out the winner and or loser? Again, we are not sure.  The patient is the first who comes to mind as they will certainly get the good deals.  On the other hand the deliveries & dispensaries will lose profits and if this is the case, will we start to see corruption?  Again, who knows for sure…but if you hide-n-watch I am sure you will agree there will be upcoming changes within the industry.  Will the cartels become even stronger because of this upcoming battle?  Not sure about that either.  There is merit in what I am saying here and if you see it as I do, I think there were a few in the industry who lucked out and profited big time from dispatching marijuana to the homes of Americans abroad.  You and I will never stop the sale of marijuana and or control the prices for the most part.  I would ask you consider the patient who is caught in the middle.  We should definitely be compassionate for them and offer them assistance as they are the true pioneers of the medical marijuana movement.

I am sure a lot of you have questions about this issue but not all questions can be answered. We can only bring the latest streaming news stories… It is a feeling in the industry where people have mixed profit with patients.  Reminds me of oil & water, they do not mix well.  Medical marijuana dispensaries will never go away and neither will people and or patients.  It is very important we work in peace and harmony together to accomplish the same mission and that is marijuana reform and to abolish prohibition as we know it today.  We are Americans, we are strong and proud and never give up.  As an American, ask you my friends are we going to turn this into a business or are we going to focus and end marijuana prohibition?  *Again, I am not sure……


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