Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the United States and all over the world for that matter.[more…] It is more valuable than corn and wheat combined. Let’s take a look at what Dr. Gettman, world re-noun expert has to say: Dr. Gettman, using conservative pricing, estimated that the domestic marijuana production had a value of $35.8 billion. The domestic marijuana crop consisted of 56.4 million marijuana plants cultivated outdoors worth $31.7 billion and 11.7 million plants cultivated indoors worth $4.1 billion. The top ten marijuana producing states were California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii, Washington, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, and Oregon. Five states (California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington) had marijuana crops worth over $1 billion.) Can these figures possibly be true?  You bet your sweet bippie they are!

In April 2010, CNBC weighed in and asked the all-encompassing question “How Big Is The Marijuana Market?” Ariel Nelson , Director of Market Data and Content Services published an article that put the arguments for and against legalization aside and said if people could use marijuana—without fear of legal consequence—just how much would get used? More to the point, how much money is at stake? The findings from economists, reformists, law enforcement authorities and the pro-marijuana lobby had a variety of estimates ranging from $10 billion to over $120 billion a year.

CNBC cited that demand-based studies put the market at $10-$40 billion. This range was verified by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron – who perhaps is the foremost independent authority on the economics of drug use, and the lobby group National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, (NORML). Miron conservatively sized the market at about $14 billion and in his February 2010 paper on “The Budgetary Implications of Drug Prohibition” and stated that legalization of marijuana could yield over $20 billion in tax revenues and enforcement cost savings. Norml is a leading marijuana reform activist group which has lead us to the point were are at in life.  So then, do we dare even fathom the numbers even for a moment?  I mean seriously, are we going to just shrug off these numbers?  I don’t think the American people really know what is at stake here. has a few questions:

  • What will the cotton farmers think?
  • What will the citrus farmers think?
  • What will the worlds economists think?
  • How will the world respond?

Just what will the farmers think?  Well, we are not sure but we can tell you they will think about how their profits add up in comparison to hemp.  It is not difficult to figure out.  Citrus farmers will do the same thing.  You see, it is all about money and if you are a farmer you can keep saying to yourself things will get better.  Really, it is nothing more than a pride issue….The problem with this way of thinking is it most likely will not come to attrition.  With American importing cotton & citrus from the Country of Mexico with little profit we are sure the farmers will switch gears.  America will certainly have to prepare themselves for regulation and this is one big reason why the federal government is worried. Why? The reason they are worried is because of underground black market crime.  There is serious money to be made here.  This type of action cannot be ignored.  Americans must stand up now and speak their minds and control about what is to about to happen in America.  The federal government cannot stop it, they just can’t…it is what the people want.  This will make America thrive again, with plentiful high paying jobs and a major tax boost to take care of America as it should be.  Please give us your thoughts on how we can work together!  Please leave your comments below….


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