Marijuana legalization has been passed in Colorado & Washington. reports cool prosecutor drops all charges!  Yes, Washington Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has dismissed all misdemeanor marijuana charges in King County, WA.  Wow, what a brave man who is doing what is right in the eyes of the law.  We believe based on this decision that Prosecutor Satterberg should be nominated Prosecutor of the year!  It just goes to show you there is justice and good justice in America when used wisely.  Seriously, why wouldn’t he drop the charges?  First and foremost why were charges even brought over something so silly anyways.  Marijuana is legal and will always be legal…Yes, there needs to be regulation…and tight regulation…but it will always be legal.  Soon you will see all other states jumping on board..  The revenue stream is tremendous and the jobs for Americans is unparalleled.

If we take a closer look at marijuana legalization it is clear this is what the people want and really would like to see the laws changed abroad.  Yes, perhaps there was need to have such laws in the past decades but this is a new era and we have the right to voice our opinion and have those laws repealed.  This not something that someone made up and decided to sensationalize or boast about it….this is something the people have brought to the government level.  It the American way of doing things correctly in life…it is called freedom and democracy.  The days to come will tell us more of what to expect from our government.  Personally, I think the government will be willing to talk and come to some much needed decisions.  Actually, if you think about it they probably were expecting these laws to pass in Colorado & Washington and already had some kind of plan in place.  Although, law enforcement is smart they too may have been caught with their pants down as they may have not have had a plan in place.  Most law enforcement levels are merely puppets anyways…as they merely enforce the law when told…they do not make the laws…the people make the laws….we empower the police as the people empowers the state. reports: King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has dismissed all misdemeanor marijuana possession cases currently pending in Washington’s largest county.

Taking action following Tuesday’s landmark vote on marijuana legalization, Satterberg said there would be “no point” in continuing to prosecute the 175 people currently facing misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession.

Friday’s announcement followed the passage of Initiative 502, which legalized marijuana possession of one ounce or less in Washington State. The law also called for a legal framework under which marijuana could be grown and sold; both those activities remain illegal outside the medical marijuana industry.

The initiative goes into effect Dec. 6, but Satterberg said he saw no reason to wait to drop the charges.

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  1. The prosecutor made the right decision, already saving the tax payers a a butt load of money over dumb prosecutions. If we had more prosecutors like this guy we would be in much better shape. Most prosecutors fold under pressure from their own office as most are stat driven and it is all about how many convictions they can come with versus losing and making the District Attorney look bad. It is a shame the District Attorney bases his/her position on convictions…if the conviction is warranted then okay but if not shame on them.

  2. Your news articles are very enlightening. Thank you for reporting real views on current topics. Its about time we hear some real news about the legalization of marijuana from the hip. I get so tired of reading other articles which have so much b.s.

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