Marijuana Legalization in California

Welcome to a news information site where you can keep up with all the up coming information that hits the internet at the speed of light…or at least as fast as possible.  California has led the way to the legalization of recreational marijuana across the country until recently when Colorado seems to have made the jump in first place.  We figured this would happen as California has to deal with over zealous prosecutors who always seem to find some kind of minor violation of the 900+ collectives in Los Angeles County.  Once there is an alleged violation the police have no choice but to continue to waste money and write search warrants in hopes to find some bigger violation along the way.  Unfortunately, there are collectives out there breaking the law…just like police officers break the law along with prosecutors…yes they do.  It is all unfortunate, but we all break the law but people just don’t like to hear it.

With that being said, let’s get back to the cops!  Most cops could care less if a collective sells marijuana as long as they go by the rules.  Most likely the prosecutor who is merely a lawyer with a fancy name would also agree that as long as the collective goes by the rules it is okay.  Now then the cops mostly support the use of marijuana…but it is an easy arrest if you are in possession of a certain amount as it is a “stat” if you will….in other words they do not have a quota but it does make them look good in front of their sergeant…or so at least they think.  It is actually a boring crime to arrest for….these days.  But like I said earlier there is the over zealous thing that over takes our cops and prosecutors…mostly the young ones trying to make a name for themselves.  Did you know that most prosecutors become prosecutors after law school mainly because they are looking for a job and have to learn the ropes before they venture out on their own to become a successful lawyer.  Most lawyers want that “prosecutor” name for their portfolio…after all it makes them look good. Most only work between 3-5 years as a prosecutor then move on to make the real money as the prosecutor only makes so much per year.  The ones that do stay are usually not very good business people and can’t make it as a lawyer and are looking for the county, state or federal pension to go along with it.

Just like most police officers, they too, only work between 3-5 years.  Why?  Well, once they get out there and see what it is really all about they hang it up real quick because a lot of it is not what they thought.  The reason I bring all this up as it relates to the legalization of marijuana is once  you understand the people in command of enforcement you can see why things just do not get done and it becomes a vicious circle when people in enforcement postilions come and go.  Once they come and go, it is difficult to find where the last guy left off so enforcement starts all over again.  The legalization of marijuana is one of those sore subjects where nobody seems to want to go into closed doors and make it right.  What usually happens is there are only a handful of enforcement people who make the decisions to move forward in all the wrong areas.  If there were a meeting of the minds with enforcement people and civilian activist in a room behind closed doors then perhaps we could come to a compromise.

My bet would be that if we could all come together we could find a solution.  After all the police & prosecutor do not make the laws!  The people of the state make the laws…it is what the people want not want the police or prosecutor want.  So then, unless you get involved then it will remain the same traditional ways of doing things.  Let’s all come together and make it legal …so we can tax it and make it better for all Americans.

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