Marijuana Medbox coming soon?  Well, if business investors have it there way this will be the new fad coming to every street corner in America!  It is a basic simple idea, merely select your strain and swipe your card and you can have it in hand within seconds of the purchase.  Yes, tis true!  You will be able to purchase cannabis right from a metal box, who would have figured?  Well, sure it is probably a ways off as all the laws must be written and regulation must follow in order to keep everyone safe.  As it looks, the owners of the Medbox, Dr. Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Medbox, said, “We look forward to working with residents and existing small business operators in the State of Washington to assist them through the complex maze of regulations, obtain necessary permits and zoning approvals, and install inventory management systems that meet or exceed all state and local regulations.” According to Bedrick, Medbox has offered its guidance, suggestions and consultation at no charge to officials tasked with developing and implementing a legal marijuana industry in Washington.  Bedrick said, “States can profit handsomely from this new revenue stream, and Medbox is able to provide the systems and technologies that assure that taxes are collected, quantity limits are never breached, and there is adherence to all regulations.” KING 5 reports the machines are already being used in some states where medicinal marijuana is legal.

 Now then, depending on which state you reside will be dependent if you ever even see the Medbox.  Of course, there will be other boxes coming to the market as well just like Coke vs. Pepsi and the like.  So far, it looks like people for some reason are comapring the Medbox to the Redbox, if you do not know what the Redbox is, well it is a vending machine which dispels DVD’s for about a dollar….the Redbox is located mostly on the West Coast near or around gas stations or convenience stores.  It looks like the Medbox’s will be more centrally located in liquor stores or those types of retail stores.  There is a big problem though and we are sure you have already asked yourself the question, “What about kids?” Yes, they will certainly attempt to buy it when big brother is not watching.  For this reason, the regulations will have to be strict and carefully monitored by the human eye in order to hold someone responsible.  After all, kids can walk into a liquor store just about whenever they want.  So, we are for major regulation as anyone under 21 years old should not be able to make purchases from such machines.  You may say well, “What if I am 18 years old?”  Trust us, we thought of that too, but from our understanding the age limit will be 21 years old just like when purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Moving on, what about all that loot?  Seriously, there will be so much money made these companies will become rich over night literally.  We are sure the tax revenue will be astronomical and surely boost the coffers of the states who have already legalized it.  If you think of it, there will be thousands of jobs to go along with this one idea some genius has about the Medbox.  Just think of all the ideas and inventions that will come to attrition.  It will be one of the first times in history you will ever get the opportunity to make it big within this history.

There were, however, two noteworthy indications that things will continue to go in the right direction in 2013. First, we learned that the number of marijuana arrests dropped by 11 percent in 2011. And, second, we saw multiple polls showing that more than 50 percent of American adults now favor the legalization of marijuana.

Needless to say, we have much to look forward to this year.

This only comes along every so often and Americans have the chance to jump on it and make their business dreams come true.  Yes, we must have strict regulation like liquor but we can do it and do it safely.  We are Americans, we always win…we as Americans always come out on top….we are Americans…business savvy all the way….leading the world…forever more….

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