Marijuana start ups are trending big time all across America, specifically in the States of Colorado and Washington.  Marijuana is in high demand and collectives are having a hard time keeping up with such large demands. The State of Colorado is already boasting a 25 Million dollar haul in taxes directly related from the sales of marijuana since its inception of their newly regulated recreational marijuana law.  Word has it people have moved to Colorado in order to start their own marijuana start up.  Some call it a gold rush!  Whatever, it is called there are certainly marijuana in those hills! Store fronts are popping up everywhere and yes the citizenry are becoming concerned their small towns will be known as blightsville if things don’t slow down a bit.  Of course, there will be successful start ups along with failures but it is in our American blood to at least try and that is what makes up our very own fabric as Americans.

People from all walks of life have begun the process of building their platform and business model in hopes to make it in the cannabis industry.  We bring you this news, so you to can dream of having your very own marijuana start up.  You do not have to be in the States of Colorado or Washington to make this dream come true.  Merely, think of a great domain name and you to can have your own website and as an example you can sell advertisement, products, accessories etc…  Our suggestion would be to look at other sites on the internet so you can you get a good idea of what is going on with other marijuana start ups.  Yes, there are plenty of marijuana start ups all over the internet and everyone is trying to get to the top as fast as they can.  Seeing the window of opportunity, investors are salivating over the fact they could have a wide margin in the market with the right service, products or accessories. A lot of people are still fearful the federal government will move in and arrest them if they open a collective so instead the average business person is looking for new innovative ways of peddling their business.

Most people work out of their homes and do not have store fronts to peddle their services, products and accessories.  As matter of fact, they use their cell phones to conduct business on a day to day basis. The really keeps the costs down and allows people to employ others to help them along.  What we have seen is people are making bracelets, rings, clothing items, offering marijuana websites, selling hemp property and so on.  Anyone with any kind of imagination can start their own marijuana start up with very little capital or even know how.  It is all a matter of thinking of an idea that will sell!  Some people have come up with an idea of selling marijuana recipes or t-shirts as an example.  If you have the right marijuana accessory it could go viral and just think everybody and their brother will want what you have.  There are so many famous companies who started at home in their garage, take Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream as one example, they started in the garages and now are billion dollar company. How about, “marijuana ice cream?”  Oh, did I mention we own the domain name  No, we do not make marijuana ice cream and not so sure what we use the name for but who knows like they say the sky is the limit.

Our thoughts are you too can start a marijuana start up very easily.  In fact, you could most likely have your own marijuana website up and running in 24 hours if you really wanted to.  But do not get to excited here, what must occur first is you have a special niche or idea that is different than all the rest.  Remember, just because you like the idea doesn’t mean someone else will, so give it some thought and remember the Coke vs. Pepsi rule.  We are all in competition one way or another and it is all apart of doing real business.  We are here to motivate those of you who would like to start a marijuana start up, so write down your idea and put it into action.  You never know, you might just come back and say thanks!  In order to succeed at business sometimes you need to fail at business.  This allows all of us to become stronger and go after what we want in life.  Most of this information you already know, our position is to remind those of you who have lost sight of what your passion is.  “We are the people, and for the people.”  Now then, take the time to get your marijuana start up going in the right direction.  If you need some advice email us and will do what we can to help you along the way!

By Legalize

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