Marijuana vs. United States Federal Government in the year 2013 is a hot topic for Americans abroad.  It seems as though we are much more educated than ever before, however, there is much needed work to be done before we can ever expect and or believe it will be approved by the good citizens of the United States of America. [more…] After all, without education what do we really  have?  Seriously, all we really have is a bunch of hoopla that will doubtfully gain much traction and possibly fade away back to the underground.  For many years, there has been this underground movement of the cannabis community which has become accustomed to doing business as usual in the sales of cannabis from around the U.S.  This truly is nothing new it is merely came to life and has spawned a new fresh look at what to do with cannabis in the world today.  Americans want answers!  We are a proud nation, free as a democracy with opportunities happening everyday on our rich soil.

You really can’t blame the cops, they are only doing what you and I pay them to do!  Which is enforce the law!  Yes, we the people made the laws of the land and we must enforce our own laws but we can amend those very laws which we so carefully drafted on the books.  Over time, laws change and with time we must too change.  If it means changing old laws then so be it, we are intelligent people living by the laws of our lands but when there comes a time where the law and or laws are so out dated we must hurry to change them.  It looks as though the people of America have become more educated on the subject of cannabis as you can read everyday now more and more about cannabis.  Why?  Well, we now have the internet and we can reach people globally for one.  The second would be technology with cellular phones and more!  Our span of coverage is now global and the secrets about cannabis have now been revealed and people are more receptive about learning not only marijuana legalization laws but what affects they could expect from cannabis.  Our society for many years have consumed cannabis since their High School days and now that we are all grown up and successful we can clearly see the cannabis laws must be changed for the betterment of society.  More and more people have come out of the closet to sort of speak and are standing up for the cannabis community.  Most people realize cannabis is basically harmless despite the arguments of what it may do for you medically.  If you set aside the medicinal purposes of cannabis you can ask yourself the question.  If it were made legal what are the conclusions to all the government is saying will happen?  Well, it is not difficult, it is a matter of regulation!

Now then, most will tell you all the negative ideology about cannabis…. but most of it does not hold water either. That brings me back to Marijuana vs. United States Federal Government.  The federal government is the one which holds its hat on it being a scheduled drug, so then, it cannot be legal.  Well, simply said change the law and reduce its meaning from a schedule drug.  From its infancy cannabis should have never been labeled a scheduled drug.  It is okay to say we did not know much about cannabis back then and we obviously made a mistake.  If the Federal government would admit its mistake and move forward in life then everything would be just fine.  It was done with alcoholic beverages and with regulation….. there has no mistaken where it falls in the law books.  Our government will listen to its people, that is what we are all about in America!  We are a strong voice in America and we need to tell our government what it is that we want.  If we do not communicate we do not have a relationship.  Recently Attorney General Eric Holder announced his position on the usage of cannabis recreational in the States of Colorado and Washington.  So then, all eyes are on both of these states in effort to see if they get it right.  Once Eric said his regimen would not become involved and basically gave each Governor of the aforementioned states the authority to move forward with the sales of cannabis says a lot.

It could mean nothing, but I think we all know that Eric had to fold and give in as it is what the people want not him or his regime.  America has spoken and we will prevail in the end.  We are proud Americans whom are voters and intelligent voters at that!  Take a moment and reply to our original content articles and let us know what you think… The legalization of marijuana is our business we want to share with you!

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