recently brought you a recent story about Medbox, Inc. and commented in other articles it was coming…and lookie here now we have Coke vs. Pepsi all over again!  We told you this cannot be stopped as investors and entrepreneurs are going to now flood the market with new innovative products to peddle marijuana. owns a premium domain name: and have already had offers over six figures for the domain name, although all offers have been refused we see being valued at 1.2 million based on the theory it will generate 100k per month in margin, thus, multiplied by 3 annually we come up with the figure of 1.2 million conservatively.  Investors normally buy domain names which generate a revenue stream and pay for such domains at 3x multiple.

Now then, onto Autospence, it looks as though another genius idea which mirrors Medbox.  Or, does it?  Well, the way we see it…we think not!  Our reasoning here is doing a comparable analysis, if you were to look at ATM’s….are there not numerous different types?  How about a gum ball machine?  Moreover, what about coffee cups?  You will never see Autospence or Medbox win this fight, it is to generic and will develop into thousands of vending machines over time.  We would like to hear from you and see what you think!  Autospence is only the second machine we are aware at the time of this article.  Autospence is now live in California!  Can you believe it?  Autospence took the plunge and did not mess around they gave the public what they wanted…cannabis!

Medbox, Inc. Issues Cease and Desist Order Against Company That Purports To Have Created Medical Marijuana Dispensing Machine.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Medbox, Inc. commented today on the press release distributed last Friday by Dispense Labs, LLC, a company purporting to have created a “first of its kind” medical marijuana dispensing machine. This company, which is affiliated to a medical marijuana sales center named “The Dispensary Store” conducted several news interviews extolling the benefits of its “proprietary” machine.…56094.html

Marijuana Vending Machine: Jimmy Kimmel Takes On The Autospense Marijuana Vending Machine

“Finally we’ll have somewhere to buy marijuana other than the 7,000 medical marijuana shops that are on every corner here,” Kimmel joked.

He continued by bringing up a very good point, “Isn’t every vending machine made for pot smokers?” Watch the clip above.

Amid the jokes, Autospense is embroiled in a legal debate over using technology patented by Medbox, Inc. The company has been served a cease and desist.

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