Mexican Drug Cartels are losing the drug battles with U.S. officials.  Everyday, the D.E.A. seeks them out like cockroaches…The Mexican traffickers are widespread throughout the U.S. and most outdoor grows are being eradicated by the D.E.A. everyday here in America.  The Mexican drug cartels are said to be organizations, although not very well organized they are still deemed dangerous by the D.E.A.  Why?  Well, it is not hard to figure out, the cartels are into more than just growing marijuana and the distribution thereof. The cartels are into many other facets of organized crime such as theft, extortion, murder, kidnapping , it just so happens they grow marijuana to leech onto more control of the over all market.  For many years the cartels have been doing what they do best as farmers and that is growing marijuana. But let’s face it, the cartels are really only in business to make money and if those money making ways are growing marijuana then they will do it.  You see it is not the growers themselves who are the real enemy but those behind it and those organizers are the ones residing in the Country of Mexico for example.  So then, no matter how many outdoor grows the D.E.A. eradicates the only persons they arrest are mule type farmers who can be easily replaced.  When the mule farmer is arrested by U.S. authorities they say very little and do not cooperate with U.S. officials in fear the cartel bosses will kill their families who reside in Mexico. In other words they do not squeal..

Really, you can’t blame the mule farmer because they know it will happen.  Cartels are stupid idiots who are mostly uneducated and are typical low life criminals who prey on their own people.  They cast fear into peasant mule farmers who are basic everyday simple people who really only want a job to feed their own families and to perhaps have a chance in life.  Mexico drug cartels are like wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting to devour their prey at a moments notice.  Therefore,  you have a no win situation for the U.S. officials other then seizing whatever they can in the outdoor grow.   A congressman in Mexico, Fernando Belaunzarán, introduced a marijuana bill modeled on the ones that recently passed in the US:

“Everyone is asking, ‘What sense does it make to keep up such an intense confrontation, which has cost Mexico so much, by trying to keep this substance from going to a country where it’s already regulated and permitted?'”

You see the cartels are unnamed people who reside in Mexico and are rarely caught committing any crimes.  One of the things that makes the D.E.A. so angry is the cartels are ruthless and use violence to threaten, extort, kill or maim people who do not perform to their commands.  Basically, when it comes to growing marijuana it further exasperates the issue of possessing small amounts by Americans.  You really can’t blame the D.E.A. for doing their jobs…in-fact commends the D.E.A. for doing such a great job attacking the cartels abroad.  The cartels give marijuana growers a bad name and they game they play is a dangerous one.  Now then, here is where disagrees with the D.E.A.  When the D.E.A. raids medical marijuana dispensaries they cross the line unless the dispensary is violating other laws of the land.

Though medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, distributor Aaron Sandusky was recently sentenced in federal court to ten years in prison. Sandusky joins four defendants in the U.S. who have been targeted by federal prosecutors for medical marijuana dispensation – in states in which that is legal. He told the courtroom that colleagues of his similarly ensnared are being “victimized by the federal government who has not recognized the voters of this state.”

California’s four federal prosecutors are not stopping with arrests of distributors: since 2011, they have also threatened landlords with seizure of their property, which has forced hundreds of dispensaries to close their doors. The feds have added this latest chapter to an under-reported but important trend of states’ legislators finding themselves in a fight with federal laws. The federal government can continue to raid dispensaries and arrest innocent people like Sandusky but in the end they will feel terrible about what they have done. is very familiar with how law enforcement operates and knows the insights of the reasons they take action.  Most law enforcement officers do not agree with current marijuana laws and most will tell  you that it should be legalized on some level.  Most police officers who have any time on will agree others such as rookies will not.  The reasoning for this is because once you been a cop for several years you realize marijuana is kind of dumb to arrest people for.

Police officers who are seasoned realize it is the methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine are the real killers of society.  Back to the D.E.A. they too will tell you that marijuana is a low level concern… These raids that are happening all over the country to medical marijuana dispensaries are being spawned mostly by over zealous city or county prosecutors based on complaints from citizens.  Ever wonder why the citizen complaints are even being made?  Well, here it is…those complaints which are rarely documented are from business owners who see the amount of money the dispensaries are making and how successful the collectives have become and so you can see where we are going here….it is called jealously.  The complaints are mostly disguised as something different in effort to get the prosecutor to act.  Remember, the district attorney (prosecutor)  is a voted position and again you can see what I am saying here….the D.A. must satisfy the people and make an example just like they did with Sandusky…

State nullification bills regarding the National Defense Authorization Act are another example of this fight: Michigan’s house passed a bill, 107 to nothing, against the NDAA.A similar bill has been introduced in Nevada. Northampton, Massachusetts, also voted to “opt out” of the NDAA is another. Texas has introduced a similar bill, and such efforts are taking place across the country. (Take a look here at civil liberties concerns over the NDAA, most recently here.)

The cry of “states’ rights” is not often associated with progressive causes, but with the “war on drugs” comprehensively declared a $1tn failure by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, the call has reason and justice on its side. Will the feds carry their fight against the voices expressing popular will from California to Colorado, Washington State and beyond? The federal government will undoubtedly change over time as our children will grow up with instilled views we have given them and the old form of federal government will die away…and the new federal government will flourish when our children take over and run  it correctly….

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