The limits are huge, there’s millions of people getting ready to vote coming for election. Florida is one of the biggest contributors to the marijuana industry specifically since they have on of the largest population in the world that advocates for it.  From all the retirees, to the many different young people that advocate positively for medical marijuana and recreational use of marijuana.  Everyone in Florida seems to want marijuana legalized. Marijuana being legal in the state of Florida will have huge impacts on the  Vaporizer industry.

The majority of elderly people live in Florida and usually don’t oppose Amendment 2, as this is  the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. With all the diverse culture in the marijuana industry, many advocates believe it is one of the biggest benefits to include marijuana as recreationally accepted throughout the state of Florida.  The year 2016 is the Year that’s going to change the state of Florida forever.

November 2014 – Move On From The Past

Back when voting began in November 2014, the results were missed for marijuana to become medically legalized as 57% of voters in favor for legalization to medicinal use.  This was 3% shy of the correct mark which should of been 60%, unfortunately missing the ballots by a tad bit. This was a huge upset for the state of Florida.   2016 is going to change everything and we are going to have a new and successful year. With that  over 71.3%  voters in Florida favoring medical marijuana, we have the majority of the Florida population there very aware if all the medical vales that medical marijuana gives to patients that help chronic pain patients, epilepsy, HIV patients and dozens of other effects that cannot live as a miserable person until they change to marijuana,

Marijuana Vaporizer Industry

Marijuana vaporizers are going to be insanely huge for the State of Florida as well as everywhere else as it is already been passed in 5 different states for recreational use including California, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arkansa.   So far there are 28 states that include medical marijuana and recreational use. Each state that approves this greatly expands the medical marijuana industry greatly with new strains, new device and new vaporizer units.
This is the industry ready to keep exploding as it is a big industry now and many people are starting to take grasp of the power of having a high quality vaporizer to where they will save thousands of dollars a month depending on the amount of marijuana that’s consumed.

Example – Paul smokes 1 Ounce (28 grams) per week using a bong and lighter. Paul discovers a new, high quality vaporizer called the Davinci IQ Vaporizer. He invested $274 buying this online. Paul spends $15 per gram or $420 per ounce for high quality White Widow strand.  Once paul discovered the amount of potency that the marijuana increased which was over 85%, he realized how much less marijuana he was smoking. Calculating all the costs, paul was able to save around 8 grams of herb per week on every ounce.  Paul realized he is now saving $120 per ounce which adds up to $480 per month he now saves using the Davinci IQ vaporizer. Paul uses the device daily now and told all of his friends of his discovery. On top of all the savings paul endures, he also notices that all filtration of botanicals are now eliminated. Paul is no longer burning his herbs with a lighter, inhaling butane or any carcinogens associated with combustion format; Instead, paul understands all the active botanical (THC) is now being purely vaped and none of the herb is actually burning. 


Once you understand how powerful a marijuana vaporizer is, you will now know the many different benefits it holds for the user. Every time a state becomes legal to sell marijuana devices, it seems like it explodes in the states own industry with new forms of mass advertising, new inventions and new makes and models of both desktop, pen and portable vaporizers. This is why marijuana is by far the biggest cash crop business out there and everyone new to it needs to understand every type of business that the industry creates, makes millions of new jobs within the United States, whether it is through the medical marijuana state or online, there’s always a lucrative business to be created.

Most Lucrative Business In The World

This is bigger than alcohol, tobacco and anything else this world has ever seen. With the fact that it estimates to be a business that would generate over $45 – $60 billion a year, this country could really use the added costs.  It is only a matter of time before Politicians take note for every state and learn from the legal ones on all the different benefits each state will partake in legalizing marijuana. One of the biggest benefits states such as Colorado see are the school systems which embarked over $35 million alone in the school system making every public school nearly a smart school which 2015 figures show.  Nearly $1 billion has been produced in taxation of marijuana in Colorado alone. Imagine if every other state took this initiative and produced these type of figures which is what we’ll see in 2017 when states such as Florida, especially California will produce.  It is predicted that Californians will see over $5 billion in taxation of the business due to the larger population than its predecessors.

Overall When Marijuana Speaks

It does its job. Marijuana is a cash crop that remain the biggest revenue generator well over the tobacco industry as well as the alcohol industry. The medicinal beneficial use of marijuana is huge. The accessories and different methods of creating marijuana vape pen devices, bongs, pipes, percolators, marijuana dispensaries  and many more different accessories create this an even bigger industry — thus creating millions of jobs that America needs to see.

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