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Since its founding in 2005, the founder of has evolved from a simple voice from behind the scenes into a viable source of internet streaming news brought forward to all Americans and foreign countries abroad. from its infancy was not a website as there was really no such thing back in the day when computers never really existed or were made for public use.

In the past no donations were accepted and all funding was out of pocket expenditures mainly for consequentials.  In today’s world it is imperative we receive donations which are not tax deductible for this movement.

During the 2005 era, there were only strides in word of mouth to other organizations in effort to support the cause.  Now in 2012, we have an up and running web property in where we can further voice our thoughts and continued to push forward our constitutional rights for marijuana reform.

Today continues to assist in the fight to reform state and federal marijuana laws, whether by voter initiative or through the elected legislatures. Our online streaming news site offers hope to medical marijuana users and recreational users as well.  Keeping the public informed is our first and foremost business.  We have an open door policy and invite anyone to submit stories, articles or blogging information for potential publication on our site.  We are a friendly voice to all media outlets including but not limited to law enforcement whether it be Federal, State, City or County governments.

Our sister organization, is a tool in which we provide quality top products with an emphasis on safety. Our online products are mainly hand picked and cream of the crop from around the world distributors and manufacturers. We abide by all Federal, State, City and County laws, including international laws prohibiting the sale of accessories.

Remember, our mission is to report streaming headline news as it happens anywhere around the world, bringing you up to date information on marijuana reform.  Our standard is high and second to none, we validate our mission to the people of the union.  Our government does not make the law, the people make the law, our U.S. Constitution, specifically the 10th amendment qualifies our statement through nullification.  As Americans we stand strong for marijuana reform.  Our concern is for the people not profit. Moreover, our position is to assist people in re-shaping their world view to better educate all people abroad of the laws governing marijuana and our right to nullification. Please join in on our effort as this movement is powerful and gaining traction by leaps and bounds.


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