NFL on Marijuana Debate

Should NFL players be allowed to hit the pipe?

The NFL on marijuana debate is a wide topic. Well, should NFL players be allowed to smoke and or consume marijuana?  We are in the belief they should be able to with little or no issues.  Too, if the player decides to consume marijuana it should be done with responsibility.  Meaning, each NFL player should read and understand their employment contract and any other rules & regulations pertaining to the industry before making such a decision.  You see my friends, here is where regulation comes in, we must  have regulation to some degree to keep things in perspective.  We do not have to over do it and flood the laws with meaningless scripts of specificity where you have to be a lawyer to figure out when, where, how you can smoke marijuana, rather a plain simple information guide would be fine.  What about the NBA?  I mean we could go on and on here, but really there is no need.  What is  needed is our lawmakers to work with us to determine what is logical and fair.  As the NFL tackles the marijuana debate it will undoubtedly affect the entire sports industry.

The sport industry has already been plagued over the years with players abusing drugs and committing various crimes but if you go there so has every other industry.  So then, you can see my point here.  Just legalize and make regulations the same across the board.  Communication is the solution here, not argument or tit for tat stuff.  I mean seriously, Coke vs. Pepsi right? In other words, discussion is good and as you will see in this video it starts out really good until Bill Romanowski pipes up and basically refutes the use of marijuana.  After listening to him, he pops off and spews some some statistical data, however does not really explain its origin.  So did he just make those figures up in his head or does he really have an authentic study?  We are really not sure.  Based on Mr. Romanowski’s opinion we believe he has been ill advised especially when he blurts out it is a Federal offense and that you can go to prison.  We doubt very seriously if the federal government is going to kick down your door and take you to jail for a small amount of marijuana.

In-fact we believe it is people like Mr. Romanowski who place fear in the heart of Americans who really only want to believe in our government and people who look up to sports players for whatever reason.  Over all, it was a weak debate among former ball players who appear to lack any real education over the matter anyway…but it does make for good news.  Take a look at the video it has been out for about a week or so, but we think you will enjoy listening to some old ball players who really do not have the proper answers…but at least they tried.

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