NYPD cops are now issuing $100 tickets versus hauling people to jail over misdemeanor marijuana violations. Although, it was a tough battle and took years to get this far at least the police are coming around and seeing marijuana is not that big of a deal and they can live with it if were to be regulated.  Meaning, the police do not want people to get into trouble they are merely enforcing the law as they know it.  We must change the laws in our land to make sure the police have an understanding of what we want.  In other words, we cannot say don’t arrest people for smoking marijuana or being in possession of it when the laws are on the books and the police have no choice but to enforce those laws.  It’s not the police who are at fault here, it is our government who has been resistant and using the patrol cop to do their dirty work all along.  Now that we have become more educated through technology we can hear and see the police more clearly…and there has been many top police officials who have repeatedly said, change the laws and change them now!

Recently, the laws have changed in NY and people in society will soon see, the price of a $100 ticket is merely a money maker for the state.  The state chose the $100 ticket because they knew it was something everyone could live with and it wasn’t going to break people.  However, the way we look at it as a scam and something that pads the coffers of politicians for their own benefit, sucking money from our citizenry.  When will America clue in and see what is happening all around them.  Is if fair for a politician to go home and smoke marijuana when people on the street have to pay $100 tickets for doing the same thing?   I think we should drug test all politicians and police personnel and we will see the true amount of people who are being hypocritical in society.

America has the right to voice their opinion!  How can a police officer in New York issue $100 tickets to people who are smoking marijuana when they go home and do the same thing?  Please let us know your thoughts on the subject.  Am I wrong here?  In order to decriminalize cannabis across the board, just maybe we need to start throwing people under the bus who are the decision makers in life.  I am not sure if this is the correct way about doing things but the legalization of marijuana is upon us an now is the time to act.   Next time you go to your local town council meeting or board of supervisors meetings, when the floor is open to the public, why not stand up and ask for each member to take a random drug test the very moment you request it.   I guarantee…if anyone who refuses…..they will pee dirty.

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