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Obama agrees with Voters on Marijuana, Looks as though our Commander and Chief, President Barack Obama agrees… the Federal government should back off in the prosecution of recreational marijuana at the state level. After all, the voters in the States of Colorado & Washington have voted for it and it would make no sense to prosecute at a federal level.  In an exclusive interview with President Obama, Barbara Walters grills him over the issue of the use of recreational marijuana. President Obama said he wouldn’t go that far but did say the people have spoken! Moreover, he explains the Federal government  has much bigger fish to fry when it comes to federal prosecution. Leaving the thought for the people to read into cryptically.

The president said he has asked Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to examine the legal questions surrounding conflicting state and federal laws on drugs.

“There are a number of issues that have to be considered, among them the impact that drug usage has on young people, and we have treaty obligations with nations outside the United States,” Holder said Wednesday of the review underway.



Now then, the President’s statement’s are no surprise as he has made his position clear some time back when he admitted to smoking marijuana himself.  We here at Legalize.co applaud President Obama for being honest and forth coming even if he doesn’t smoke it any longer.  At least his honesty is something we can believe in and even if you the reader don’t smoke or consume marijuana it doesn’t mean it is bad.  For many years now we have been told marijuana is bad and just say no but the time has come for the truth to come out and President Obama is right on point with his statements.  Sure, he is wavering a bit but again…. he is our President, he has to be fair and does not want to be labeled as something he is not.  Meaning, there are some people who may call him bad names or whatever if he agrees in totality. It is sometimes good to be neutral.  It is the voters on marijuana who make up the majority.

Take into consideration that not all states in the union agree with the legalization of recreational use of marijuana.  However, that is okay, the reason it is okay is we live in America a place of freedom and democracy.  If  your state has not amended their current laws for the use of recreational use of marijuana we would encourage you to contact your state representative either by phone or email.  Interestingly enough, we here at Legalize.co have said all along the Federal Government is not going to intervene as the voters  have spoken and it is what the people want.  The people make the laws not the Federal Government.  We are a democracy and that is what makes us a free America, voter on marijuana are the people.



Our brothers & sisters have stood up to the evils of the world in order to protect our free America.  We now have a President who is displaying equilibrium when it comes to hot topics  at least his is not pounding his fist down and exclaiming, “No, never, never!”  In-fact, he is just the opposite he is willing to talk civilly and come to terms with the voters.  That my friends is a good President and one who knows how to communicate effectively.  It doesn’t matter if you do not like him or agree with him on most subjects.  It is okay to agree to disagree. Remember, we are unique individuals in life and it is healthy to argue and of course the majority always rules even if we do not agree.  Our mission here is to bring a different perspective to these news stories, remember the voters on marijuana make up the majority.

We are Americans and we shall prevail always over all of our enemies.  We have Indian gambling institutions all over the states within the union, if you do not agree with gambling do not gamble.  We have alcoholic driven night clubs strewn across America, if you do not agree do not drink.  Some states in our union allow, “Open Carry” for citizens to carry exposed firearms.  Why?  Well, the people have voted for the open carry law and it is what the people want.  If you do not agree, then of course do not frequent those particular states or at the minimum do not carry a firearm.  You see my friends we could go on and on…but when you allow your minds the ability to expand you can clearly see it is all based on what you want in life and how  you want to lead your life.  President Obama is only one person and he cannot make the laws either, he can only enforce the laws we the people bring to him to enforce.  For the time being the United States President has spoken…..



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  1. Nice site, the marijuana laws in my state suck. We really need to change the laws and hopefully our federal government will change their views as well. Keep up the good work legalize.co and thank you for bringing us the updated news.

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