President Obama approves marijuana loans?  Yes, in a sense President Obama has taken it upon himself to pass a bill to allow the banking institutions to regulate loans for small businesses involving marijuana start ups.  The banking institutions have long wondered if they would ever be able to fund such loans as they have always worried about repercussions from the federal government.[more…]  Finally, a glimmer of hope has happened and banking institutions now have a sigh of relief now knowing they can conduct business on a legal level.  We commend President Obama for doing what is right and understanding Americans abroad conducting such businesses are not cartels nor do they conduct business with the cartels. In the scheme of things we can clearly see the federal government cluing in on things and have a better understanding of marijuana from their own law enforcement ranks & files.  Most law enforcement are not against cannabis, however, it is their position to enforce the law whether they agree or not.

American citizens who support the use of recreational marijuana also desire strict regulation and one of the reasons being is because we are America and free democracy and we love to do business, especially with banking institutions.  Could you imagine if there was no regulation?  It would be mad chaos and people would be breaking every law imaginable to get funding, not because they desire to law breakers but because they want to do business.  This is a win, win situation for Americans to profit from their own individual start ups, yes some will fail but many will succeed.  We must have the support of our federal government and from the looks of it they are willing to concede and allow Americans to fulfill their dreams.  How about you?  Are you willing to apply for a small business loan for your marijuana business?

We would encourage you to apply for such loans, after all, all the bank can say is “no!” Moreover, the banks are not in the business to say no, they are in the business to profit so it would prove to be true you can get a loan with your good credit.  Marijuana start ups are going crazy right now and that is because it is in high demand by consumers.  Additionally, people are searching for marijuana accessories daily in effort to add to their product line.  If you are looking to start your own start up it begins with purchasing a good domain name which you can develop into a website to further promote your business. Once you have purchased a good domain name then you can develop a nice website to introduce to your banking institution to further your chances of getting that much needed loan!  Give it a try and see what happens, once you plant the seed you can watch it grow.  We wish all Americans across our beautiful country the best with their start up!

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